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  1. They send you an email with all your questions and answers after the test. Hope this helps
  2. It'll be tough and getting the GPA up should be first priority - however, do keep in mind Mac and Schulich only really need about ~3.8 GPA for admission; but you do need a killer CARS score (minimum 129 I'd say). For Mac if you look up stats lots of people with 3.8 GPA get in but as I mentioned earlier, it would depend a lot on your CARS and your CASPER. I'd say Queens is also a possibility - no one really knows how they assess and for all we know GPA could just be a cut off. And for U of T, by fourth year, they drop your lowest grades so if you just messed up one course, your GPA could still well be in 3.9+. I hope this helps, you should look into the individual schools and look around the forum for admission stats to get an idea
  3. cxbrt5

    TPR Vs Kaplan level of detail

    I have not used TPR but imo Kaplan Biochem was very well developed and helped me extremely for BB and CP. I wouldn't use either of the textbooks for psychology; highly recommend Khan notes for that.
  4. cxbrt5

    CARS advice

    Personally, I did not use any prep books for CARS as I felt their strategies just cluttered my brain when really you just need to understand the passage and everything you need to know is within the passage. I recommend starting practice ASAP, time all your practice (9min for 5 question passage, 10.5 for 6 question passage, 12 for 7 question passage) and build your stamina (start with 1 passage, 2, 3, so on...). I also reviewed my practice from time to time and tried to justify to myself where I went wrong (made a document of this to track patterns). It helps to also read the very bottom of each passage before reading the passage (the organization and title of article) as it helps to set the passage in context. I ended up scoring 98th percentile using the NextStep CARS book, Princeton CARS, then the AAMC questionpacks for practice. I think what really helped me do well in the end is to not zone out when reading, and try to truly grasp the passage, understand it at its core, and pretend it's super interesting so you're engaged. Hope this helps!
  5. cxbrt5

    CASPER Test Prep

    Thank you so much! Do you have any suggestions as to how to structure/ general elements to include in my answers? I'm especially not too sure on how to approach the "personal" questions that aren't based on the situations.
  6. If you do one in second year summer, it's much easier to find a school year research position. So if you can somehow find a part time research position I find that wouldn't be too hard to juggle with MCAT which is what I did. But I agree full time research would be hard to manage with MCAT. Keep reaching out to profs for now, you can also try DUROP or NSERC. I feel like January might also not be a bad time to try emailing? Because most profs probably filled their positions by now Keep trying though! That's the important part
  7. It's best to reach out before the school year - first week of September or even earlier. I wouldn't hesitate to keep sending out emails though. You have to send out quite a few. Also, visiting professors in person is also not a bad idea! The most important thing is to do things early - for summer positions you have to start emailing in November. Securing a summer position would definitely make things easier finding a position during the school year as well.
  8. Hey everyone, I've just started studying for CASPER and I have a couple questions: Is the question video (which is usually like 1 minute long) part of the 5 minutes we have to answer the 3 questions? Or does the timer start after the video ends? Does that mean we can only play the video once? As for preparing for CASPER, I know doing a couple practice tests would definitely help, does anyone know how extensively/long one should prepare for CASPER? I was thinking of just doing a couple practice tests and writing it next week ... however I only started studying for it a couple days ago. I am just hesitant of writing the test on the last testing date in case there are technical issues etc. I know some people even wing it while others pay $$ to prepare.... does anyone have any first hand advice they could share? Thanks everyone
  9. Ahh okay I see, I was just scared they'd automatically toss my application without giving me a chance to explain myself.. You're right however there's not much to do at this point. Thank you!
  10. Hey guys, I already submitted my OMSAS application but I realized soon after that one of my verifiers is also applying to medical school, and once I found out more about this person's character, am a little afraid he/she might throw me under the bus. Is there anything I could do to switch out the verifier at this point? What would happen if the med schools did call this person and the person didn't honestly verify? To be honest this activity is not one of my big entries and I know the chances of this particular activity being called is slim but I'm not sure how big the consequences would be. Thanks everyone in advance.