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  1. Congratulations! What were you’re stats like? (gpa and mcat?)
  2. If anyone is going to reject their offer, could you please let us know, thank you!
  3. hi! Where does it say that Ottawa requires total hours? On website it says Total Hours (per week/month)
  4. Hi! When is the due date for verifiers to submit the reference forms?
  5. When you are inputing the courses on OMSAS for Ottawa, how do you indicate that the class had a lecture and lab component to it?
  6. Hi Guys! I am new to ottawa medical school's requirement and I was wondering if someone could clear up a few questions I had. 1. Does Half year (one term) course = 3 units? and then Full year would be 6 units? 2. If I had a 4 credit course lecture and a lab= how many units of lab does that count towards? what about a 3 credit course with a lecture and a lab? Thanks so much!!
  7. does queens look at most recent or best MCAT score?
  8. Hi! what the deadline for ottawa for references to be submitted? Queens is November 1st, wondering if Ottawa's is later on too?
  9. I have a questions regarding this, my oral research presentation was done in front of a class and it was a research based class. Would it be okay to put it under provincial and then click the part of program requirements?
  10. Another question on this, In my fourth year, for one semester I have 2 online courses and 3 in class. I am not too sure on what the official requirement is for online vs. in class courses is? Would Appreciate any feedback!
  11. Hi Guys! I have been looking at master's program and was wondering if anyone has done a course based master's program and what they thought about it/ what program it was? So far I have come across Western's Public Health Masters program but was wondering if there are similar ones I should be aware of. Thank you!
  12. Has anyone called UBC admissions regarding waitlist movement/capacity at this point?
  13. I have a question regarding wgpa calculation. in 3/4 years I did 5 classes/ term. In 5th year i did 4 classes/term. I know the requirement is 5/term however I did do summer course in my 1st and 2nd year summer. Am i eligible for wgpa?
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