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  1. I understand what you mean but how many careers in healthcare would you consider to be better than dent tho at the moment (no career is better than another, but I'm referring to lifestyle, remuneration, stability, fulfillment etc)? I would even say that med is declining as residency spots are slowly decreasing and more IMGs are coming in. Plus it's much longer. Any other ideas?
  2. Any reasons why? I'm just trying to weight the pros and cons out
  3. Yes but the other ones open after my first year ends meaning they wouldn't take my highschool marks
  4. Well we only had a couple of midterms but I should be somewhere in the 80s. My point is would it be beneficial to wait it out in Canada? what would be the advantages I really can't think of any.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a first year student. I recently had the idea of applying for one of the unis in Australia for dent (Queensland most likely). They take in my highschool marks for admission and not my Uni GPA since i would be applying before the end of my first year. This seems like a good idea to save time and avoid Canada's low admission chances. Plus my highschool mark was pretty good (mid 90) so I think I have a decent chance. The only catch is that it's a 400k tuition, with prob 100k more for living expenses (5 year course btw). I was thinking that since I would be graduating at around 24, I can grind for a couple of years to pay off a huge chunk before marriage and other concerns get on my mind. I should note that my mom is a dentist so maybe finding a job would be easier for me. Any advice? honestly anything would help. Of course the amount of debt is crazy but I'm thinking that it might be worth it (again, I might be stupid in thinking that, so lmk). Thanks in advance folks
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