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  1. Instagrammar

    English Requirement

    It’s just two courses, if you’re program is jam packed like an engineer, I would do them in the summer. A lot of people do Athabasca online
  2. What a waste of 39 pieces of paper
  3. Instagrammar

    Where should I apply?

    My friend could not land an interview in Canada this year, but will be starting school at Johns Hopkins. I would certainly apply to the states for better chances, but if you get offers from Yale or Canadian schools, just stay with Canada, seriously the cost is crushing (unless you come from a wealthy background and this is not a concern) while the degree is identical. Canada is a black box, no matter how amazing someone’s extracurricular are, it just is not enough. Just skim through the threads and see the people with 100%ile Mcat’s get refusals. Apply where you can, avoid Manitoba and Saskatchewan as I think your MCAT is too low (Canadian schools are dumb). I would add Calgary and Memorial to your list. UBC goes by your % overall, not GPA so if you’re done fourth year, they drop the lowest year. As an OOP you’ll need 85% min, but the average for interview is 91.8% Add NYU to your American list, although I’m not sure if their free tuition applies to international students.
  4. Instagrammar

    Unique Situation

    You will always face more barriers being an IMG (studying abroad) then you will just trying to get into school in Canada through a Canadian undergrad. However, don’t be convinced that it is impossible. I know two individuals who attended RCSI and UCC and matched back to Canada (albeit some sketchy connections to their first choice residency). Before making this big decision, connect with people who matched and did not match through the IMG stream. I think people who match first try will definitely be biased in promoting you to attend school in Ireland, however, perhaps some IMG who did not match will be more inightful. See what their next steps were, perhaps they wrote USMLE (American exams for residency). It may be hard to see this now, but the debt will be absolutely catastrophic if you do not match.
  5. May 14th, no exceptions
  6. Because Pharmacy school is considered an undergraduate degree, the grades will indeed be used in calculations for MD average. Your GPA is certainly going to be the biggest barrier for you, as I am certain you have more than enough life experience to have an illustrious ABS. I am not sure how your adjusted GPA will be calculated at each school with your two degrees, but it will most likely focus more on your grades in pharmacy school if that was taken in the latter. For Canadian schools, your best bet would be MD/PhD programs if you can not get your adjusted GPA to school cutoffs. UofT will certainly assess you as a graduate student as you have the first author status. My advice would be: Apply MD/PhD broadly, but for UofT you will easily qualify in graduate stream for MD status (unless you are itching for a PhD). Ontario is unfortunately a death sentence for IP status. If you have the financial means, Canada>US>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UK. Canada has reciprocal agreements to recognize USMD degrees so you will apply back to residency as a Canadian Medical Graduate. UK schools, regardless of the prestige, will always have you as an international student. If you are a dual citizen that might be a good option if you would like the choice to practice in the UK as well. However, most European schools want your money, after graduation they want nothing more to do with you for residency, you are shoo'd away (unless dual citizen).
  7. Instagrammar

    McGill vs U of T Life Sciences

    Have you applied to other Universities and been accepted to their programs as well? Is there any particular reason you want to attend McGill or UofT? If it's purely based on international rank, you're in for a bad time. If you fell in love with the program, campus and city, then by all means choose a place where you see yourself being happiest. If school selection is based purely off international rank, I would reconsider your options. Don't get me wrong, UofT and McGill have amazing programs, but there are incredible programs at other places too including Mac LifeSci, Western Med Sci, Guelph Biomed, Queens Life Sci, etc.... every University in Ontario (and Canada) has a reputable science program and will get you where you need to be. If you only have those two as options, and are ignoring other considerations (cost of living, distance from family, opportunities for involvement) I would go with McGill for an undergraduate degree.
  8. ECs are interesting although there is more nuance to it. MCAT and GPA is good for every school. I think the varsity tennis will make you stand out to someone doing file review, but for schools that grade every EC and give it a value for a total file score, I would aim for more breadth to your list.
  9. Instagrammar

    Interview thank you letter?

    I have personally never heard of anyone doing that before, but thats purely anecdotal.
  10. Instagrammar


    They look at cGPA and your 4th/5th year. Which ever is higher is the average used.
  11. Instagrammar


    Although not on your list, Toronto did a Q&A and discussed how professional degree programs like Law and Pharmacy are considered in undergraduate GPA calculation too. I would assume that most schools will follow similar protocols in Ontario for professional degree programs. Your best guess would be to contact the schools directly. If you phone the admissions office they will give you an immediate answer.
  12. Instagrammar

    MMI Disaster

    McMaster just looks at #'s for an interview, some candidates might have never volunteered in their life (unlikely) and you could technically get an interview. Queens gives all files a pre-interview score which encompasses EC's and reference letters. This is combined with the MMI score and what ever the heck the panel assesses to rank candidates. Perhaps 12 stations are not necessary to find out more about the applicant as they have been screened in other metrics which McMaster does not do until their interview.
  13. Replying late, but did not want to give anyone a heart attack who was waiting. Just adding for archival purposes TIME STAMP: January 31st, 12:51PM Interview Date: February 24th (MD) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.96 wGPA (3.78 cGPA) MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: Extensive, long term, and very unique (I got interviews at all the EC heavy schools) Essays: Worked on these for two months Year: Masters done, 3rd time applying Geography: IP
  14. They must let you know by today. I would be shocked if they wait until Wednesday or Thursday to invite people. At least with my experience at the interview, you really do not need to prepare like a madman for the stations.
  15. Instagrammar

    MMI Disaster

    I am sorry you feel your interview did not go as planned, but always remember that we are our own biggest critics. Personally, I am a little disappointed with the inconsistencies between applicants that Queen's has for their interviews. Some of my friends had rushed panels and only got ~9 minutes for that part, but others due to being in the last time slot, had nearly 25 minutes for the panel. It would be incredibly defeating if by proxy, your time-slot determined whether you were admitted or not based on panel performance (this is obviously something the school needs to fix). With time the interview will become a blur and all we can do is wait until May to see how we really did.