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  1. This is the place to speculate and ask questions.
  2. Instagrammar


    Depending on the school, you are not even allowed to apply to medical school if you can not confirm completion of the graduate program by June/July/August. I think nearly every school will not accept that as an acceptable reason for deferral, and they can actually rescind your offer if it is one of the many that has strict deadlines for graduate program completions in July. Unless you're finishing up a Rhodes scholarship, I doubt you can defer your acceptance for a graduate extension
  3. I think the next wave will have 98% of the rejections, and hopefully a few more invites will be sent amidst the chaos. Ultimately very few files will be held onto until April 5th for last minute cancellation.
  4. It seems like there is a small army being interviewed on April 7th lol, or there just happens to be more active premed101 users who received that date.
  5. Instagrammar

    High School Activities ABS

    My biggest piece of advice which was also echoed in a UofT admission blog video is that you want your references to be current, avoid high school reference letters. I had 10 high school entries through OMSAS (although ~3 were activities I continued into university). The rest were all long term university experiences ~4-5 years each or work related things.
  6. Instagrammar

    High School Activities ABS

    I had a few activities from high school and got 4 interviews. Nothing to be worried about.
  7. I think next week will likely be the final set of invitations, and those who are not rejected in the massive wave are likely being held onto in case there is a last minute cancellation.
  8. Instagrammar

    Course-based Masters GPA?

    I looked back and deleted my comment, it seems only undergraduate courses are assessed by UofT
  9. For those still waiting, just remember that even though there is one day likely left for interview spots, UofT has added additional interview dates/times when candidate quality exceeded the 600 spot limit. Even last year they interviewed 39 additional candidates on top of the traditional 600.
  10. Instagrammar

    Proof of Citizenship

    I submitted regular deadline and OOP. I also uploaded the scan of my passport the day I got the invite.
  11. Instagrammar

    Proof of Citizenship

    They have been updating since February. Mine was updated 2.5 weeks after my interview on the second weekend. It probably updates as they review your file.
  12. Instagrammar

    Class Size?

    I don't know the specifics, I've heard from third and fourth year students that they do not want to continue with the program.
  13. Instagrammar

    Class Size?

    QuARMS is getting axed. I think this was its last year.
  14. Instagrammar

    Class Size?

    Also keep in mind not all QuARMS matriculate into the medical class. There are instances where the GPA min. was not achieved and as such, were no longer eligible for entry to the medical school.
  15. Instagrammar

    McMaster MD Chances?

    Your chances are fine. My friend got in last year with 125/3.88
  16. Instagrammar

    FM in Canada Vs USA

  17. Instagrammar


    This topic made me lose brain cells
  18. Yup, happened to me too. Made me question myself a lot since no other panel interview I had was conducted in that manner.
  19. It’s the notion of having to “settle”. Perhaps better terminology could have been conveyed to express the uneasiness of moving to a new city that doesn’t have all the amenities of Vancouver.
  20. Instagrammar

    Accepting/Receiving Multiple Admissions Offers

    Your only concern is simply losing your money from the initial deposit when withdrawing from a spot.
  21. Instagrammar

    Interview Prep Timeline

    MMI is done first thing, then they bring all candidates to a new room where you get called individually to your panel
  22. Just wear something that matches. Wearing something purely to stand out is a risk - If for whatever reason the article used to stand out becomes a distraction, there is no way the interviewers will be listening to what you are saying. If a purple tie compliments the suit well, by all means go for it! I would caution though risking any clashing colours just to showcase your love of the Mustangs
  23. http://applymd.utoronto.ca/admission-stats