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    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Thanks for all your replies
  2. acuriousmind

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Hi Ellorie, I appreciate your reply. Just so I am understanding you correctly, the free dinner is what would make you skeptical about the information being provided? If the Dinner and Learn was not free, would that make you less skeptical? You are correct in that the Dinner and Learns would not be specific to specialties, that's not what they are intended for. They would be geared more towards providing information on finding placements etc. after a residency is completed or any other topics that residents tell us they feel would be useful. We understand that programs often offer education on many things and that mentors and classmates are a wonderful resource for information, however, it is our experience that residents often feel like they need extra help in certain areas especially when their residency is completed so we have been looking for additional ways to help them. If you do have suggestions on some other topics that might be useful for a resident who is interested in attending a dinner and learn, we would love to hear them! Again, I appreciate your reply. All feedback is useful to us and helps us to figure out how to tailor our programs.
  3. acuriousmind

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Hi Skyuppercutt, Thank you for replying! Aside from the topics I mentioned above, would there be any other topics you would be interested in hearing about at a dinner and learn?
  4. Hi everyone, I am a consultant/coordinator for a new medical company that is aiming to help residents that have completed or are close to completing their residency take their next steps. One of the things I would like to coordinate is free monthly dinner and learns for residents that would be hosted by guest speakers who work in the field that cover topics which would be most beneficial for residents. The topics I think would be great are: Finding placements after residency, Starting your own clinic, and Medical/legal pitfalls. I also think the dinner and learns would be a great way for residents to make lasting connections. As you are all residents, I am wondering if you could give me feedback on these topics. If you were to attend a free dinner and learn, would you find these topics useful? What other topics would you want to learn more about? Would you even be interested in attending a free dinner and learn? Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I look forward to reading your replies!