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  1. Called them today (Oct 22) and the invite process is still ongoing. Everyone will know by the end of this week if there is invite/rejection. The person did not know if invites have stopped completely.
  2. Meh I suppose no hope anymore
  3. Some IP got an invote at 503.. so not sure
  4. Did no one hear anything this week??
  5. Thatss so not fair!! There are already more seats for IP so they do not have to compete as much as an OOP and on top they won’t even look at our whole appp to give us hope... wow. Stilllll hopefuly thooo guys!!!!
  6. Could it be possiblee that they are now taking time because they are looking at the whole app?
  7. Reallly nervous guys!!! I am reading people with same GPA and MCAT as me who are IP gettig the invite and I am here praying from Ontario!!! Guhhhhhhhhh