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  1. This also crossed through my mind. You have every advantage. You don't need to work, ever, you have money for tutors, all the academic help you need and yet somehow.....it's not enough. Daddy has to pay someone to photoshop you playing freaking water polo of all things to get into a university. What a time to be alive.
  2. It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. - George Carlin
  3. What's the rush man haha? Your stats are good, and if you bring up your CARS you'll probably get interviews here. Honestly, besides the fact that it is probably expensive and a waste of money, coming back is difficult. If you don't get in, just use the year to continue to work on your application as much as possible and definitely apply to USMD/DO. If you're really going to go the international route look at actual med schools in the UK, and also Irish schools which are popular for Canadians. I agree with the other posters here about the Malaysian school. It does not sound like a good option. Like Edict said, a lot of these off shore schools are for profit with sketchy licensing and you'll probably have a tough time trying to get electives booked back home. The upside of going to an Irish school for example is that they are well known, you are around fellow Canadians who you can prepare for the MCCEE/USMLE's with (good support network!), and you'll probably be able to do some rotations back in Canada. I have also heard that Irish schools give you as much support as they can when it comes to matching or trying to find some kind of post graduate training spot/residency. I don't know for sure how true that is or what it entails but it's just a safer bet (albeit still difficult, and really expensive, and good luck matching into anything competitive).
  4. VigoVirgo

    raising your GPA after undergrad?

    Also a bit curious about this. I have taken some bio and chem but after my undergrad, which will be done soon, I am planning to take physics, bio chem and maybe orgo (to help prep for the MCAT), and anatomy/physiology just to get more exposure. I think 1 year is enough but it probably depends how you do them. Most definitely it would have to be online through Athabasca or something. You can finish faster since it's self paced. But as far as doing the actual lab components of the courses you're out of luck I believe unless you live close to the campus. So as long as you don't plan to apply to med schools which have pre requisites+labs you should be fine. Can anyone else please weigh in on this though?
  5. You literally can't make this stuff up. Rich people bribing other rich people to get their kids into Stanford, USC, etc lmao https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/12/us/college-admissions-cheating-scandal.html
  6. VigoVirgo

    Need some advice with my case

    Nice MCAT! The US is way better than the Caribbean. If you don't have any luck in the USA or Canada though then I would consider going to Ireland. But if money is tight...might be hard. My advice is just avoid Caribbean schools at all cost.
  7. Thanks for the input, that's what I feared about Ireland honestly. I don't think I'd want to bet on it. From what I understand Australia is slightly more friendly especially if you're willing to work rurally but I would likely put most of my eggs in the US. Not sure if I'd be able to handle medical school, studying for the USMLE and MCCEE all at the same time. I'd have to have a specific timeline.
  8. VigoVirgo

    Atlantic Bridge

    https://www.atlanticbridge.com/medicine/faq/. RCSI is 56,500 Euros/year. In CAD that is almost 85k/year. Limerick is maybe 20k cheaper.
  9. VigoVirgo

    Atlantic Bridge

    Personal savings and family money/support mostly. Banks do offer lines of credit for international medical students but you will need a co-signer with good credit. You will probably be able to qualify for smaller provincial student loans too (e.g. if in Ontario; OSAP). I think the cheaper Irish medical schools are Galway and Limerick. RCSI is the most costly if memory serves me right. Food for thought. It's not easy to come back.
  10. I'm not excusing her behaviour. Nor have I ever denied that she violated the boundaries of the physician- patient relationship. But I am not eager to bring her down even more like some of you oh so morally righteous, pure, wholesome individuals seem to be.
  11. That's rich coming from someone who chose what is probably the most idiotic username on the forum.
  12. She has displayed reckless behaviour, no doubt about that. However did you read the entirely of the report? Initially they exchanged personal phone numbers and instagram information, and it escalated from there to include sexting, going over to his family home, and all over a period of many months. If there were issues about ability to consent then I am sure his family members would have raised concerns or if he felt "sexually abused" he could have filed a complaint earlier and sought out another oncologist.
  13. Agreed! While of course she crossed the line, I think the language used in the summary to characterize what happened is absolutely ridiculous. "She sexually abused a patient." Give me a break. His ego was bruised when she decided to end things and see a colleague instead. In order to exert some form of revenge he went after her career. That's it. When I think of "sexual abuse" in the context of the medical field I think of people like Dr. Larry Nassar. Ultimately rules are rules. Boundaries were crossed and her having her license revoked is probably the right avenue to take unfortunately, but let's not kid ourselves about what this situation is.
  14. VigoVirgo

    Why do people want this so bad ?

    The key here is their perception of the earning potential and prestige of an MD. It sometimes does not really matter how much you try to reason with people or give them facts, they just need to find out for themselves unfortunately. However there are people out there who are aware of what you said and still want to go into medicine, usually out of some sense of altruism probably.