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  1. Second undergrad or alternatively going abroad (more expensive+more risk) but even for some international schools a 2.93 may not cut it.
  2. It depends, it's possible from what I have seen. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe the University of Calgary will only count the years in which you have a minimum of 24 credits. In other words a 4 course course load will be ok for that school.
  3. For the most part I agree with what you're saying. Casper is pretty much a "filter" tests to assess personal qualities and characteristics. Trying to "game" it or reduce it into some sort of formula that one must "master" in order to do well totally defeats the purpose of the test although yes, typing speed is probably crucial.
  4. VigoVirgo

    Erratic School History - Red flag?

    I contacted the admissions staff at McMaster
  5. VigoVirgo

    Results Day Email

    Savage hahahaha
  6. VigoVirgo

    Erratic School History - Red flag?

    I would suggest you also consider applying to McMaster. McMaster to my knowledge does not include college courses in GPA calculation (even if university transferable). So in that sense you will have a "clean slate" as far as GPA goes.
  7. VigoVirgo

    Whats the point ?

    AI will complement the work of physicians. It is unlikely you will see full outright replacements. Lawyers on the other hand....
  8. VigoVirgo

    Unique Situation

    Not great. This is the 2018 match data https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/2018-carms-forum.pdf UK IMG match rate was 39.3% (slide 45). Irish IMG match rate was 54.1%. I don't imagine it will get much better. In fact if I recall correctly, the match rates for 2019 fell and Australia had the best match rate at around 53%. If you go this route you must also apply to the USA. But even then it is not a guarantee.
  9. VigoVirgo

    Unique Situation

    If you want to practice in Canada, I strongly advise against going abroad, as it is difficult to come back. If you are a dual Canadian/Irish/UK citizen and can afford the tuition, and would be happy staying there after graduation then by all means accept. But being an IMG is very tough and a lot write the USMLE's because of how unlikely it is to get a residency here. And even then you are mostly limited to family/internal medicine. My advice: If being a doctor in Canada is your goal, do your undergrad, maintain a high GPA.
  10. That would be a good place to start then for sure. I'm honestly not too sure about the answers to your questions though. Never have done a second undergrad personally but I think some programs will evaluate your GPA using both of your undergrad degrees, and McMaster will for sure give your application a 1% bonus because of the masters degree.
  11. I think the only way for you to go to medical school is either doing a second undergrad and apply to as many MD and DO programs in Canada and the USA (my personal suggestion) or going to an international program. A 2.9 undergrad will even disqualify you from certain international schools though. Some are more competitive than others.
  12. VigoVirgo

    DDS or keep applying to MD?

    Take the DDS. Vendar makes a good point, you can always make the switch in the future one day. But studying dentistry at a Canadian school especially UBC or UoT which are both excellent is an opportunity you should not pass up especially if you have applied to med 4 times.
  13. This also crossed through my mind. You have every advantage. You don't need to work, ever, you have money for tutors, all the academic help you need and yet somehow.....it's not enough. Daddy has to pay someone to photoshop you playing freaking water polo of all things to get into a university. What a time to be alive.
  14. It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. - George Carlin
  15. What's the rush man haha? Your stats are good, and if you bring up your CARS you'll probably get interviews here. Honestly, besides the fact that it is probably expensive and a waste of money, coming back is difficult. If you don't get in, just use the year to continue to work on your application as much as possible and definitely apply to USMD/DO. If you're really going to go the international route look at actual med schools in the UK, and also Irish schools which are popular for Canadians. I agree with the other posters here about the Malaysian school. It does not sound like a good option. Like Edict said, a lot of these off shore schools are for profit with sketchy licensing and you'll probably have a tough time trying to get electives booked back home. The upside of going to an Irish school for example is that they are well known, you are around fellow Canadians who you can prepare for the MCCEE/USMLE's with (good support network!), and you'll probably be able to do some rotations back in Canada. I have also heard that Irish schools give you as much support as they can when it comes to matching or trying to find some kind of post graduate training spot/residency. I don't know for sure how true that is or what it entails but it's just a safer bet (albeit still difficult, and really expensive, and good luck matching into anything competitive).