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  1. Even for something like psychiatry? I've generally heard family med and psychiatry are 2 of the most "friendly" options for people who either did their residency abroad or want to get a residency in Canada.
  2. VigoVirgo

    Losing My Mind!

    Best of luck to you then :)
  3. VigoVirgo

    Trent is literally scamming parents

    Lol whaaat. Actually? This is a recipe for disaster. Most successful CSA's come from Ireland/UK/Aus/NZ. Even then it's a stretch. This is all about money and marketing and people considering this program need to be made aware of just how unlikely it is they will come back to Canada.
  4. VigoVirgo

    Losing My Mind!

    I think it's more of a case of assuming lack of exposure to the field just because of being young. While OP might have a lot of good reasons, in my own experience a lot of premeds don't have enough experience to know if medicine is the right path, or a real good reason for wanting to go into medicine. The generic one is "I want to help people'" for example which is great but when you ask them why they can't help people being a nurse, priest, social worker or counselor they can't really give a real good reason. I think a lot of premeds have many misconceptions about the profession. But if someone has done their research and has gotten direct experience in a medical environment and they still want to pursue med school then more power to them as far as I'm concerned.
  5. VigoVirgo

    Losing My Mind!

    I think the other poster was pretty harsh in his words but to an extent I agree with him. Are you really sure you're passionate about medicine? If so, why? I personally never really took many sciences in high school either besides some basic biology and chemistry which were ok but frankly medicine was never on my mind until well over half my degree was already completed, and I discovered my love of the medical field through direct experiences. There is absolutely nothing in your post that indicates to me medicine is beyond your reach. A sizeable amount of non science students get into medical schools (although usually they take some science courses and write the MCAT). While it's easy to compare yourself to others it's also incredibly detrimental and unhealthy if you do so frequently. Keep working hard, keep your grades up as much as you can, do things you enjoy and you should be a fine applicant. But really, my honest advice is keep an open mind. Medicine is not some sort of holy grail. It's a lot of tough work, and you'll probably be underappreciated by a lot of people. You may very well discover later on in your academic path that maybe you like something else (i.e psychological research). But if I had to give advice to someone in 1st year, it's utilize the resources you have available to do well. My first couple years were very overwhelming and stressful due to life circumstances and as such my grades are not very good from those years (about a 3.1 GPA or so). Talk to your professors, TA's, counselors, academic advisers and such. In other words, don't be afraid to ask for help. Good luck, I am sure you'll do great.
  6. I talked to someone at my university who had such a terrible opinion of McMaster med it was actually a bit frightening. He got all worked up called the school discriminatory because they don't allow many 30+ people in and he said their 3 year program/curriculum is the "worst in Canada" and their students are worse compared to other medical schools lol. Pretty sure he was upset at getting rejected (if I had to guess) but still the fact that people hold opinions like these is nonsensical.
  7. All Canadian medical schools provide similar quality of education and there is no high/low tier schools.
  8. Probably international as far as I know. But one important thing to note. Like the poster above me mentioned, your cGPA might be too low for American MD but possible for DO's. If your goal is to come back to Canada DO graduates from the USA are considered to be IMG's so landing a residency will be just as difficult if you went to a school in Ireland or Australia for instance. Unless you are ok with staying in the States for residency don't put your money on coming back to Canada right away.
  9. EC's don't factor in for Mac. It's CARS/CASPer/GPA and either a 1% masters bonus or 4% PhD bonus. OP should write CARS and see where he stands. If it's 130+ he should apply.
  10. Haha, I mean, Toyota Corrolla's are pretty awesome though. Maybe if you went to Victoria things would be a bit better in terms of cost of living. But definitely if you want to live in Vancouver, say you clear 120k after taxes and all that, your money will not go far in terms of real estate. But on the upside it's beautiful.
  11. If you're a GP in Vancouver you can enjoy the extravagant lifestyle of 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 500square foot condos and a Toyota Corolla.
  12. Considering going to Ireland or Australia for medical school. I have an EU passport so getting a residency/internship spot in Ireland should not be an issue if I go that route but I'm wondering what the process is like if I'd like to come back to Canada after I am done? Are there reciprocity agreements between the Royal Colleges or is the process just as difficult as trying to land a Canadian residency spot as an IMG?
  13. Very good chance with an average-slightly above average CASPer score. You're much more likely to get than interview than I am lol. However please keep in mind that I am a clueless premed with very little knowledge of how the world works and I'm going to be applying for the 1st time next cycle. Full disclosure.