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  1. I also wondered this as I also wrote an AEE (not related to having a low GPA) and have not heard back yet. Maybe the person who got an interview on March 30th reflects that the AEE are evaluated later in the application cycle, after the more straightforward applications? Also probably contributing to false hope but false hope is better than no hope! Hopefully we all find out soon and have some answers nonetheless.
  2. To reply to your second part (sorry I missed it): I have an interview at Mac on the 23rd and also one at Western, so am hoping to get one at Western on the 24th to make driving around a bit easier.
  3. Ah that makes sense - thanks for breaking it down for me! All us first weekender interviewers will still do great so good luck and maybe see you there!
  4. Just out of curiosity why does everyone want the last weekend? I am one of the odd-ones who actually wanted the first
  5. Time Stamp: 11:01am Invite/reject: Invite! IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: ~3.92 (c3.84) MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 126/128/128/132 EC's: Work experience in food, wellness clinic, research assistant at a lab, worked in hospital genetics department, and as a peer mentor; volunteer experience in community cancer programs and event planning, exercise program for patients with cancer, and peer mentoring; a couple of poster presentations and independent research projects at work; competitive dance and other sports in university If it helps future applicants, I spent a long time on my sketch and really thinking about how my experiences mapped to the characteristics I thought they were looking for. I didn't have a lot of hours volunteering at certain hospitals or anything, but really tried to convey the skills & traits I developed through my experiences. I sincerely wish the best of luck to all the interviewees and people who didn't get an interview - everyone's path is different, but I'm a firm believer in that things will work out how they are supposed to and we will all make great doctors some day.
  6. Result: Invite! Time Stamp: 9:20am Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: c3.84 (don't qualify for Queen's 2 year GP) Year: 4th year UG MCAT: 514 (126/128/128/132) ECs: Volunteering with various cancer organizations, 1 year experience working in research, a few poster presentations, 1 year mentoring experience for first year students, worked in the cancer department at a hospital, a couple others! Geography: IP Goodluck to everyone interviewing and anyone who didn't get one DON'T GIVE UP HOPE FYI: the email went into my "promotional" section of gmail. I also got the email twice (not sure if anyone else that happened too).
  7. I sent my response email Friday and got confirmation today!
  8. Timestamp: 11:40 AM Interview: No GPA: c3.84 Context: born and lived in towns ~ 100,000, IP ECs: Varied (research, mentoring, volunteering) Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 0 Expected it as I am not from a smaller rural area or northern Canada (sigh). Congratulations to everyone who got an interview and best of luck!
  9. Time Stamp: 1:11 PM Invite/Reject: Invite! (I still can't believe it) GPA: 3.84 CARS: 128 Casper: Felt okay about it. Didn't do much to prepare for it, just practiced my typing speed and answered honestly. Answered every question, some longer than others. Geography: IP
  10. I have received confirmation from McMaster and NOSM as well. For reference, nothing from Queens, Toronto, or Western!
  11. APP2019

    Interviews 2019

    Also OOP, also did not receive an interview invite (oh well). For reference: GPA: 3.9, MCAT: 514 Maritime essay: decent connection; Grew up on the east coast (NLFD), spent time visiting all the maritimes various times, family in NB and NS.
  12. APP2019

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Does anyone know if interview regrets are sent out at the same time as interview invites?
  13. Sorry for the late response (new to these forum things) I received an interview invite on Friday October 12th around 9am EDT GPA: honestly not too sure on the conversion to Newfoundland grading system, but my guess is around 3.84 cumulative MCAT: 126, 128, 128, 132 (total 514) EC's: experience working as a clinical research assistant and in the cancer genetics department at a hospital; volunteer(ed) with various cancer programs; worked as an upper year peer mentor; no formal publications but a couple of poster presentations & research projects. OOP Best of luck to those of you still waiting - as others have mentioned I had until Oct 12th to accept so they could still be sending out invites based on that! .