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  1. I got the email yesterday. What a rollercoaster of a summer. Onto the next chapter I suppose. Congrats to everyone who got in.
  2. I didn't get that email yet, so I still have my fingers crossed. Sorry you didn't get in this go around.
  3. Greetings to all and congrats to everyone that will be starting school in a few weeks. At this point, I am coming to grips that I will not be attending the U of S this fall. Accordingly, I will be putting my condo up for lease. For upcoming med students, it's a great spot. It's on 5th Avenue, right across the river from the College of Medicine. You can practically see the College of Medicine from the bedroom window. A few details on the condo: it's a 2 bedroom and one bath on the 11th floor. All of the windows are east facing (great for morning light), and there is a large balcony on which you can enjoy your morning coffee. In addition to good natural light, this condo features: - large master bedroom with walk-in closet and organizer - modern, upgraded bathroom with shower and tub - second bedroom with IKEA organizer/closet - new kitchen appliances (stove and fridge - 2015), dishwasher, in suite laundry - ample storage - close to river trails, which are great for running, cycling, etc. - heated underground parking (one spot) - close to the U of S It is partially furnished and includes: a desk, couch, dining table and shelving. (You would need to bring a bed.) Other building amenities include: pool table and shuffle board, swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna. Unfortunately, the building is strictly no pets. The suite (including balcony) is non-smoking and there is a designated smoking area outside of the building. I am looking to rent the space for $1500/month. Tenant is responsible for electricity, but other utilities are included (water, heat, etc.). FWIW, I have previously rented to a physician who worked at the U of S. I try to be a pretty responsive landlord and strive to get good tenants. If you're interested, please let me know via DM and I can provide additional contact information, photos, etc.
  4. I am still waiting to hear about the waitlist, but if I don't get in, I will have a condo available for rent. It is on 5th avenue, right near the University bridge. You can just about see the med school from the balcony.
  5. Congrats on that! I am going to be crossing my fingers pretty hard today and for the next while. I will try to get over the fear that for some reason if they try to email me it'll be caught by my spam filter or something.
  6. I emailed admissions yesterday and found out that they will start contacting people at the bottom of the waitlist in July to let them know if they're unlikely to be accepted from the waitlist.
  7. Did you get approved for your deferral? Congrats on getting the offer, btw.
  8. I have not, and I am about ready to give up and just start studying for the MCAT again.
  9. What time did everyone get their emails at? I am pretty nervous about all this.
  10. I just looked at the handout provided at the MMIs, and it looks like the first round of offers need to be accepted by this Friday. Fingers crossed there is some movement next week.
  11. Probably after the deadline to accept? I think that might be today
  12. Welp, better luck next time I guess. Good luck and congrats to all who got in!
  13. Rejected IP 3.94 504 non rural Congrats to everyone who made the cut!
  14. Status: Waitlisted Timestamp: May 15 Geography: IP Year: Completed LLB ('09) and BSc ('19) - mature student MCAT: 504  GPA: 80-84% (depending on how it's calculated)
  15. IP waitlisted GPA 80-84 (depending on how its calculated) MCAT 504 Fingers crossed emoji. I feel like getting in off the IP waitlist will be difficult, especially considering my stats.
  16. I like to think they will release them all in the same day. Who knows if it's staggered throughout the day though.
  17. Just one more day, folks! (The site traffic will probably peak soon enough.) How are you all planning to spend the next 24 hours? I will be working and not checking my phone tomorrow. I reckon it'll be far too stressful to see any emails during the day.
  18. Pretty alright, actually. Everyone was pretty nice and it felt like a pretty relaxed atmosphere.
  19. Also, if you're here for the first weekend (Feb 23-24) you might want to consider checking out Festival du Voyageur for a night if you can: https://www.heho.ca/en/ It's a really fun outdoor/music/cultural festival in the St Boniface area. There are lots of live bands playing and it's generally heaps of fun. It's sort of inside, but you'll definitely want to make sure you dress warm.
  20. Regardless of where people stay, I highly recommend seeing some of Winnipeg. It's a great city with lots of cool areas. Let me know if you need some suggestions on what to see/do.
  21. Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteGPA or AGPA: Haven't calculated, but I think mid 80s.MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 504Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): Two undergrad degrees (Law and BSc)Geography (IP/OOP): IP I am travelling from out of town, but lived in Saskatoon for most of my life. If anyone has questions about the city, let me know.
  22. Do they come via email? Will they include our stats on the email?
  23. The only thing official I've heard was "February."
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