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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this community, so please, bear with me. I would like to kindly ask you to share your experience and tell me how you overcame some of the challenges to achieve a good score on MCAT CARS? I have taken MCAT twice in the summer of 2017 and summer 2018. I read Kaplan CARS textbook and did a lot of practices. However, both of times my CARS score stayed at 122. Would somebody kindly be able to help me identify my core problem and offer some advice in building a good strategy to prepare for my next MCAT? On my retrospective thinking, I have an impression that my main problem is I do not understand what I am reading. Even when I read some of the passages (like from drama, literature, archeology, history) very slowly I still do not understand all the details (or enough to answer the questions). My background is in general sciences, so I had very limited exposure to arts and humanities. Regarding hiring a tutor, I have been thinking about it a lot. First of all, they are very expensive and way out of my student budget. Second, I am thinking that since I was able to progressively succeed at university (from 2.0 to 4.0), and was able to improve on my other MCAT sections, I have some tools and skills to be an independent learner. Please, do not receive it as if I am bragging. I am just trying to think rationally and reason out if such a big investment is appropriate in my specific situation. I would sincerely appreciate each feedback and it would mean a lot to me.