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    Western Post-interview Score

    I swear they had a line that said exactly this (+aABS score) on their website but now I can't find it.
  2. I don't think they would start marking the ABS before all the OMSAS GPA's are updated, and unless I'm mistaken they'll start to upload them in November.
  3. The new ABS says that verifiers can be contacted any time until next July. I know that this thing is new and nobody knows for sure, but when do you think they'll contact them? I've let all 8 verifiers know that they might be contacted, but they're all busy people and I can't really guarantee they'll be 100% available throughout the next 9 months. What if they change phone numbers or go on vacation, etc. Surely the university will let me know if they have trouble reaching one of them? Sorry for the neuroticism!