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  1. capoeirista

    OOP Wait List Scores

    No problem! I had a total score of 80.09. Good vibes to all on the WL
  2. capoeirista

    OOP Wait List Scores

    Hey all, OOP here: received a WL offer at noon today and plan to drop by Friday for a closer school!
  3. OOP - Waitlisted, Total Score 80.09. All stats above average accepted score. Non-trad applicant; I have applied multiple times to medical school (got my first interview this year) and if nothing else comes of this it means I am at least one step closer to my dream Good vibes to all! Congrats to those accepted.
  4. capoeirista

    Matching Slots Full

    Hi all, I currently have March 2nd @ 1PM but something has come up and I will need to be home by early evening. If anyone would be willing to switch for an earlier time on March 2nd, please message me. No other date will work for me unfortunately. Thanks sincerely to anyone who can help me out!
  5. capoeirista

    Interview Prep

    Hi guys, OOP invite here from Ontario. I would love to practice with any of you via Skype if you were interested. Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you!