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  1. The day class clothing orders comes in feels like Christmas! It's like getting new varsity kit at the beginning of the season - nothing wrong with wanting to rep your team Not to mention we could all use a little something extra to look forward to coming into this school year.
  2. I grew up in Windsor and now I’m at Windsor campus so if you have any questions you think I may be able to help out with please don’t hesitate to reach out. Anything I can’t answer I’ll be able to direct you to the appropriate Windsor faculty!! I think what you’re feeling is pretty common to some extent for those who didn’t think they were going to be in Windsor (even I was feeling a bit of it at this time last year)! The Windsor 2023s are going to do everything they can to make this transition as easy as possible so don’t be afraid to let us know what we can do! we are very excited to have you
  3. I’ve heard of it happening once under an exceptional circumstance and that was a transfer from London to Windsor - keep in mind I’ve only been here for a year so that may not be the full picture though! I’d encourage you to look a little further into the merits of doing clerkship at London vs Windsor bc there are definitely benefits both ways. this is something that LEW may be able to give you more insight into as I’m pretty sure they usually handle these cases. I think we put their contact info on the fb group but if you can’t find it just private message me on here!
  4. Hey! In the past (pre-covid schedule) we have had mandatory sessions 3-4 days of the week most weeks (Tuesday is off) so that would be a lot of commuting. It may be possible during first semester of this year as in person mandatory sessions will be scaled back. You’ll also want to consider the fact that your ‘extras’ (longitudinal clinical experiences, service learning) will likely be located in Windsor as well. You may be able to do observerships in London but admin has made it clear to me that there will be no crossing campuses for mandatory class sessions (something other students were wondering about) so it would be wise to check in with them on cross campus observerships instead of just taking my word for it! in third year during clerkship you will be located at the Windsor hospitals - I haven’t experienced clerkship yet but from what I know it would be near impossible to commute for that. overall my personal opinion is that it would be wise to have a housing situation in Windsor starting in January at the very least. A good number of my classmates go home for weekends quite regularly (even to the GTA) - the drive to London is pretty short so you could probably count on being back in London most Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings/Monday mornings if that eases any of your anxieties! It would even be pretty easy to jump in on a car pool if you don’t have transportation :)
  5. Everything is subject to change unfortunately but the current plan does involve some in person stuff - the priority is our interviewing/physical exams skills course (PCCM) and anatomy as those have been identified as the two toughest things to translate over to virtual learning. We're not completely clear on how frequent these sessions will be but I would imagine there will be updates as we get closer to September, and I think it is safe to say that unless things go really off the rails we'll have some in person component! Admin is also working hard with the hospitals and community partners to get observerships (OCLOs) up and running, so that's another in person thing that will be happening (fingers crossed)!
  6. It will 100% NOT be online! We've told admin that we think that would completely defeat the point of the ceremony and they agree. No firm date yet for obvious reasons but I would guess probably at the end of second semester. I'm actually kind of jealous of you guys - I think it will be way more fun to watch all of your friends that you've just spent the last (crazy) year with walking across the stage to get their white coat instead of a bunch of people that you don't know yet! As soon as there is a date confirmed it'll be passed along to you guys
  7. Windsor matches to all the same competitive specialties as London. In the fall admin will release CaRMS info from the most recent match to you, with stats split up by Windsor and London so that you can compare. You’ll find that there isn’t much difference. Our clerks also have an excellent reputation for being very well prepared.
  8. Very relieved to hear that they're responding!! Thanks for the update!
  9. Last Tuesday (May26th) was the last day to accept for all offers sent out on May 12th. In my experience waitlisters are given seven business days to respond to their offer, not sure if that timeline is the same this year!
  10. Nope! They've been talking about getting us back in observerships before we're allowed to congregate in groups again for class. I believe it has to do with the availability of PPE at the observership and the fact that we wouldn't be allowed to have 100+ people in a lecture hall even if we wanted to due to gathering restrictions. Honestly I didn't really catch all the details of why because I was very excited when they told us observerships would possibly be opening back up. I think going with roomies would probably be a smart choice, even if only for the year. Of course you'd have to work out between all of you how things would work if you were travelling back and forth from your family homes but many of our classmates have roomies so definitely something a lot of people are working on rn.
  11. Hey! From what I've heard nobody has been hearing back from admissions about anything - I would assume they were just overwhelmingly busy last week because I have confirmed with admin that the admissions email is the place to go to get questions answered. Full legal name and current address are all thats needed for the TPS letter - I assume they will be sending those out sometime this week. If you think a current student could help with any of your questions plz feel free to DM, but otherwise please let me know if you haven't heard back by the end of the week. That would be a major issue and I'll start sending emails out to individuals to see what's going on. Hope thats helpful
  12. Not weird at all, many people have been asking the exact same question! Totally get where you guys are coming from with the commuting. The only issue I see with this is that admin is actively trying to get us back in person ASAP. This means that if things improve, they could easily say "okay we're going back to in person 3-4 days a week and you need to be here on Monday" and then you'd be in a tough spot if you don't have housing. Admin has suggested to us that it is probably smart to be in Southwestern Ontario, but are hesitant to make any official recommendation in the case that everything has to stay online the entire semester and then you've been paying rent for no reason. The optimistic side of me wants to say that you should have housing in the area in case we get to go back more frequently, but I would hate for you to sign a lease on my suggestion and have everything stay online I also know that this is a financially daunting option for those of us who could potentially be commuting instead. I think the safest option would be signing a lease, because if we do get to go back in person regularly (fingers really really crossed) I would say it is near impossible (or at least just very inconvenient) to commute with our schedule - but again this is just my opinion, maybe some people are better commuters than me LOL. This uncertainty really sucks and a lot of the 2023's are asking themselves this same question right now, I really don't think theres a good answer unfortunately. happy to chat more about logistics if I can help at all
  13. Oof I guess I should've posted first semester - good call! In all honesty foundations of medicine had been wiped from my mind LOL. Just for Windsor friends - your ISGL will always be on wednesday 1:30-3:30 no matter what group you're in, and your PCCM will always be on Thursday 1:30-4:30, except for two groups that are on Friday instead. Also forgot to mention - keep an eye on your email inbox because admin gave the OCos a heads up that you'll be receiving some more info soon. ( @yobologna and I are the London/Windsor info dream team )
  14. Wait wait I got it to work!! Anything with an asterisk is a mandatory session, and this isn't a carbon copy of what your schedule will look like bc it all depends on when lecturers are available.
  15. Schedule varies a lot from week to week - I tried uploading some pictures but I guess they're too big? I can try to message them to you/anybody else who is interested!
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