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  1. That's what they told me, they said something along the lines of they will look at our projected income and base it off that (75000 for starting OT's-which I think is a little high but whatevs)! I'm applying for it next week
  2. No problem! Answers are due on Tuesday so calls might go in the days following, best of luck!!
  3. I declined my offer so a spot should open up for in province applicants!
  4. I got an email this morning saying a decision has been made, however when I login to uzone and orpas it is blank!
  5. I heard Queens might be in the morning, the rest possibly tonight? Makes that 8 hours of sleep in between nearly impossible.
  6. Going for a workout then going to a movie, I've planned this for a few weeks now
  7. Thank you! It is not, waiting on May 17th to see my options, just relieved to have gotten in somewhere
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