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  1. It's completely normal to feel like you could have done better, said things more clearly, or brought up an additional point. Its way easier to think about the negatives and forget the positives! Like @hartk48 said, many people in our class felt unsatisfied about their performance, and then theres people who felt like they aced it. At the end of the day, you honestly never know (which kind of adds to the excitement of this whole journey). I would say don't worry too much about it, all of your work is done! - AAMS
  2. Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a big congratulations to every who interviewed at Dal this past weekend! We the Med1s loved getting to know you all and hope you enjoyed your time in Halifax/Saint John. As always, If you ever have any questions feel free to send us an email at askadalmedstudent@gmail.com! Again, congrats on being done!! AAMS
  3. No worries, so yeah they would be contacted after the interview!
  4. Hey! Verifiers are usually contacted after the interview between December to February. Admissions asks you give both phone + email because they could be contacted by either. I'm not sure I understand the last question, but you should usually give your verifiers a heads up they could be contacted after the interview. If I misunderstood the last part then let me know! - AAMS (Med 1)
  5. Hey everyone! Big congrats to everyone who received an interview for Dal this year! A few of us current Med 1s have setup a facebook page (Ask a Med Student - Dalhousie Class of 2023) for you and anyone else interested to ask questions you may have, get some tips on the MMI, and connect with current students + applicants. We've posted some info in the group about the structure of the MMI and some prep material and will be adding more info as it becomes available. We also have an email account: askadalmedstudent@gmail.com if you feel more comfortable sending us direct messages. Good luck and we can't wait to meet you guys in November!! - AAMS Reps
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