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  1. Applied: PT UBC, McMaster, Toronto, Dalhousie, Queens, Western, Alberta Rejected: UBC, Toronto, Dalhousie, Queens, Alberta, Western Accepted: Mac PT GPA: sGPA (3.73), cGPA (3.50) super excited to be starting at mac PT. Shows you can get in with a little bit lower of a GPA!
  2. Just got my rejection from UofA PT. Out of province 3.84. Damn
  3. Im a BC applicant and applied to both Alberta and Dal. Haven't heard anything either. Wasn't it supposed to be the middle of march?
  4. LOOOOOL. I got this too!! this dude emailed like over a thousand people. wow.
  5. Oh man starting to get pretty anxious... hopefully its soon,
  6. Hey! this is a good idea. Im up at SFU and my last 30 credits + upper division is 3.83/4.33 on the SFU scale. Don't know how UBC PT will translate that though..
  7. Anyone else having issues again? I keep getting re-directed to the "news" page every time i try to log in
  8. Low key freaking out. Was gonna submit my ORPAS applications soon and it says its down for maintenance. Deadline is tomorrow January 4th 11:59PM, ET. Anyone else getting an error?!
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