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  1. LightningBoltz

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    This sucks, I did so bad even though I dedicated my entire summer to follow DATBootcamp's Ari schedule. My scores are completely different than my predicted DATbootcamp scores: Real Scores: Bio 17 Chem 19 PAT 18 Reading 18 Academic Average 18 DATBootcamp scores: Bio 21-24 Chem 23-27 PAT 23-28 Reading 21-24 Not sure what to do, I feel like I wasted my entire summer now. I have a 3.9+ GPA McGill so I know i'm not dumb. Not sure if the test was poorly scaled or if I spent too much time using a bad resource. I know bootcamp isn't representative of the Canadian DAT but I didn't think it would be this bad
  2. LightningBoltz

    PAT cutoff for Western

    I believe they only have a cutoff for RC and not the PAT
  3. I had no idea you can even cancel your scores. But whats the point when schools look at your best scores anyways?
  4. Will be writing the american DAT soon and need a spare datbootcamp or datcrusher account. Inbox me please, thanks Edit: Nevermind. I just found that you can't apply to Canadian dental schools using american DAT scores
  5. LightningBoltz

    DAT Transcripts

  6. LightningBoltz

    DAT what to expect

    Forgot to thank you! This helped me a ton today so i knew what to expect
  7. LightningBoltz

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Ya I 100% agree, it wasn’t anything like bootcamps questions at all, the questions were very straight forward. It was much closer to datcrusher. I’m taking full courseload with 5 tough classes so i wish i studied more efficiently. Oh well, it's done now and time to forget about it and focus on bringing the GPA back up Anyone know when the scores will be released?
  8. LightningBoltz

    DAT Transcripts

    Just curious if theres any updates on this question, im curious too since ill be in this position soon
  9. I have a few questions for those who took the Canadian DAT already. 1. Are we allowed to eat in between breaks for each section? 2. Are we allowed to bring our own gloves if we are carving soaps? 3. Are we allowed to write on the test itself? 4. Can we bring a watch into the exam? Thanks, i'm a bit nervous and just wanted to clarify