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  1. MDStudenthappy. Just wondering why you want to go to the states?
  2. We need to build more hospitals and increase healthcare spending!
  3. Can someone explain how many "choices" are possible? I thought it was 3.
  4. Thank you. We'll see if I'm still gunning for those, is it worth it?
  5. Can someone explain what the pass/fail system means for CARMS? For example, if I apply to Ortho, the committee only sees a pass? What else do they see in terms of academics?
  6. Do these stats change a lot year after year?
  7. What sort of research should I do if I'm interested in Optha?
  8. It is hard to say which schools you can apply to outside of Ontario without your MCAT score. I know AB schools have MCAT minimums.
  9. Just keep applying. You have the rural quota.
  10. You have to tell us what province you are in province for.
  11. I just want to point out AB is only "easier" on paper. I know so many people who came to AB for this reason only to find themselves bottom of the class. Let's stop pushing this idea and giving prospective students false hope.
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