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  1. WeDayDream

    Which Med Schools Use Pass/fail System?

    Thank you. We'll see if I'm still gunning for those, is it worth it?
  2. WeDayDream

    Which Med Schools Use Pass/fail System?

    Can someone explain what the pass/fail system means for CARMS? For example, if I apply to Ortho, the committee only sees a pass? What else do they see in terms of academics?
  3. WeDayDream

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    Do these stats change a lot year after year?
  4. WeDayDream

    Dermatology -> Ophthalmology

    What sort of research should I do if I'm interested in Optha?
  5. Man I really want to go into surgery but the job prospects ...
  6. WeDayDream

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Hell ya we can. #KingoftheNorth
  7. WeDayDream

    What are my chances?

    It is hard to say which schools you can apply to outside of Ontario without your MCAT score. I know AB schools have MCAT minimums.
  8. WeDayDream

    Continue applying

    Just keep applying. You have the rural quota.
  9. WeDayDream

    What are my chances?

    You have to tell us what province you are in province for.
  10. I just want to point out AB is only "easier" on paper. I know so many people who came to AB for this reason only to find themselves bottom of the class. Let's stop pushing this idea and giving prospective students false hope.
  11. Ya it is subsidized by Quebec gov.
  12. WeDayDream

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Question. My friend went to Australia after highschool and he fully believes it is a shortcut to becoming a dentist in Canada. Why shouldn't Canada limit the number of dental grads from countries like Australia?
  13. WeDayDream

    GPA chance

    So many troll posts these days.
  14. WeDayDream

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    What's the point of references if they just rank you out of 5. lol
  15. WeDayDream

    What courses should I take?

    ? Look at my signature haha I just got accepted into med. Yes I have taken all those courses (2nd year courses) and scored extremely high on the MCAT. I recommend OCHEM + Biochem + Physics. Rest are pretty easy to self study.