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  1. WeDayDream

    How many spots?

    There was no increase in class size.
  2. WeDayDream

    Calgary Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Yay Just got the invite. IP!
  3. Title. More applicants too and more interview spots.
  4. Awaiting a Decision Regarding Interviews! Good luck to everyone in the coming week.
  5. The real question is does Calgary ever call verifiers or referees? I haven't seen a thread or comment about that on premed101.
  6. Hey did anyone have their verifiers or referees contacted?
  7. Haha mine is still submitted on. Considering they pushed back the interview dates this year, interview invites will probably come out a week later too.
  8. WeDayDream

    MMI prep

    I am very interested. Please DM me I go to UofA.
  9. WeDayDream

    Interview Invites date?

    O boy it is coming. Could be troll.