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  1. Trunkate

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    For the OMSAS conversion you have to convert each individual course to its corresponding GPA and average those. e.g. if you have 90% (4.0) in one course and 80% (3.7) in another, your GPA would be 3.85.
  2. Trunkate

    5th year or masters

    Thanks for the reply, I'll be doing a 5th year next year then. I qualify for Western, Queen's and Dalhousie 2 year GPA weighting. With a 3.95-4.0 GPA this year, would that put me within a competitive range for these schools assuming I improve my CARS score?
  3. I'm new here and would appreciate any advice on whether I'd be better off doing a 5th year or a research focused masters program. Currently in my 4th year of undergrad. Ontario resident. Very low cGPA: ~ 3.32 (3.35/2.83/3.8) on the OMSAS scale. I'm confident going into this year and am aiming for 3.95+. On the right track so far. I wrote the MCAT this August and got a 516 (131/127/128/130). I'm likely going to retake to try and get a 129+ CARS. I applied to Western and McMaster this year but am not expecting anything. Will be applying to Queens, McMaster, Western and Dalhousie next year and potentially some USMD's. I was wondering what would be best to do next year to improve my chances. Thanks