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  1. We don't know exactly what the cutoff is, but if you look at past interview invite and acceptance threads, the lowest accepted total score is usually ~508 I think
  2. The only place you're barred from applying to would be Western. I think you'll just make the cutoffs for Queens. Your 127 CARS makes Mac more difficult for you, but if you have a strong GPA and do well in the CASPER, you should still be able to get an interview. Retake if you think you can do better in CARS to unlock Western and improve your chances at Mac, otherwise you're gucci for other Ontario schools.
  3. Hes a Western medsci student who published this article in the school paper https://westerngazette.ca/opinion/why-pre-meds-do-research/article_134287a6-35e8-11e9-8b0e-f3e09c3cb228.html Basically it said premeds shouldn't do research just for their med school app, and should only do it if they genuinely enjoy it. People did some digging and found out that Ronnie boy here has a hot-shot research dad at Sunnybrook who's been putting his name on papers since he was 12 years old. I was goofing around playing CoD and Runescape when I was 12 while this kid was supposedly slaving away at a lab in Sunnybrook lol. Whats worse is he has almost 200 publications to date, most of which are based on Facebook surveys and published in dog-shit tier predatory journals. He and a few other premed friends of his just rotate first author and pump this crap out at light-speed rates. This level of hypocrisy, nepotism and lack of academic integrity is just astronomical. Thankfully, if schools find out about his 200 publications, its likely to stick out as a huge red flag, and hell be rejected. Think about it, masters students who work 2-3 years full time on research end up publishing a few papers at most, and this kid somehow manages to pump out 200 as a full time student. Just doesn't make sense.
  4. 36 publications and you've just finished second year? This seems almost impossibly high for only having completed 2 years of undergrad. How did you manage this? Reminds me of the Ronald Chow fiasco that happened a while back.
  5. Mine is like that as well. They emailed me a receipt saying my application was successfully submitted so I think it should be fine.
  6. I rewrote a 127 CARS and scored 129 the second time around. My strategy was just more practice. In the last week or so leading up to my test date, I was doing 9 passages a day all at once timed as a full length (90 minutes). Definitely build up to this, but I felt it really helped me. Make sure to review everything, right or wrong, to get a better understanding of question logic. I just used **DELETED** and AAMC materials and felt that was enough. Good luck!
  7. I don't think the issue is that you were giving them a "dose of reality". Its how you did it. All the other posters told OP about the difficulties and hardships of pursuing this career, telling them to seriously think about this decision before committing as it seems they're in a good position as is. They provided constructive, true and helpful advice and didn't sugar coat anything. You just said OPs reasons are "sad" and that he should have "at least lied" instead. How does that help?
  8. If money isn't an issue for you, there's no reason not to apply. Although its unlikely the cutoffs drop to 127, you never know, so why not apply and see what happens.
  9. Why is it criminal? The province just has a greater demand for doctors than they do supply of students wanting to go into medicine, so there's less competition and lower admission stats compared to other provinces. Its not "criminal" in any way. You've made posts and comments like this before, acting offended and butthurt that its easier for IP Sask students to get in and implying that their med school is somehow lesser for it. What do you want them to do, increase their admissions requirements to make you feel better?
  10. That's still a decent GPA for Ottawa. If that was your only concern, I'd still apply to Ottawa if I were you.
  11. I think if you aren't concerned about your CARS dropping below 124 for UofT, take it again. Schools in Ontario also don't care about how many times you take the MCAT, they all look at your most recent MCAT with the exception of Queen's which looks at your best. Are you considering applying to Ottawa?
  12. For the OMSAS conversion you have to convert each individual course to its corresponding GPA and average those. e.g. if you have 90% (4.0) in one course and 80% (3.7) in another, your GPA would be 3.85.
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