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  1. Anyone know which schools in USA look at Canadian DAT?
  2. Do you mind sharing what kind of strategies from Kaplan? Are you referring to strategies like "search and destroy" etc?
  3. What resources do you think it's the most useful and it's like a must?
  4. Hi guys, This is my first time doing an MMI interview and I have no idea how to prepare for it. Any suggestions, materials, websites... Etc. on preparing for the interview would be really appreciated! Also, are there any groups either in Alberta or online that get together to practice for the MMI? Thank you in advance!
  5. how do you guys study for the PAT section?? I've used DATbootcamp, DAT crusher and crack the DAT for the Novemebr 2018 test. But I don't think I can afford DATbootcamp this time, so I only have DAT crusher and crack the DAT, is that enough? What other resources should I use?
  6. I'm still a little bit confuse about the distribution, is that mean we all did bad or we all did good wih these raw scores?
  7. Anyone sent an email to schools like UBC, UofA regarding the score distribution for Nov 2018?
  8. Ya but that means need to wait another year.....:( so not fair
  9. Guys, I don't remmeber if I have declared to use my previous DAT score or just my NOV 2018 DAT score for my applications to schools other than UofA. At the moment I was thinking I would get a higher score in Nov because my previous attempt was not competitive at all and I didn't study for the science section back then. But now my Nov 2018 score is even worse..... Fml, do you think the schools will take a look of my previous DAT score if I email them to change that on my application??? (Fml... I know I should've added the previous attempt in because most schools look at the best year, but at the moment I was thinking there's no way I could get a lower score when I'm spending hours studying for it....-.-)
  10. I agree!!! But what do you suggest we should say in our emails? Please please please! Everyone please send the CDA an email! The more emails they get the more likely that they would take another look of the distribution!!!!
  11. What year were you referring to? Do you mind uploading that year's distribution chart?
  12. I'm just curious, did anyone get a higher overall score than their previous attempts?
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