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  1. Did you have any issues getting hired? I.e. is there anything against foreign trained dentists among employers?
  2. Hey! Yeah I'm from Canada! I just wasn't super confident in my abilities so I was planning on applying to both Canada and Australia, but Australia just got back to me first and I just decided to go there given it's also a 4 year program. PBL is peer based learning, so it's where the students teach the lectures. In the course I had where they tried that, they assigned each student a topic of the curriculum, and then they design and teach the lecture. But the problem is that students are teaching topics they don't know or understand too well. The idea is that if you have to teach a topic, it makes you understand it on a deeper level. Which is true... But the problem is that people just ended up trying to explain things they don't understand which ended up confusing everyone. Then there's no real notes with accurate information, so everybody just ends up self-learning everything. Thanks for your input with the cities! You make a good point. I think in the end, with the programs being so similar, I should pick the city I like more... which is Melbourne I guess!!
  3. Hello, I've recently been accepted into both programs and am trying to decide between the two. I was really leaning towards Melbourne, but it's a harder decision the more I know. I already accepted Sydney's offer because of their deadline, but I know if I decide to switch over to Melbourne, I can get most of it refunded. I know there was another thread comparing between the two programs before, but it's from over 5 years ago and thought that it might be useful to hear an update from others in the program or in a similar situation. So this is the current comparison I have so far: Melbourne Tuition: $368k Cheaper average cost of living No interview - only GPA and DAT score were considered in selection (personally) - but I think the better city to live in overall (better public transport, cafes, restaurants, etc.) More "dental-focused" curriculum Not as PBL? Sydney Tuition: $312k More expensive average cost of living Had an interview in their selection process ... has beaches? Merges classes with med school curriculum PBL curriculum But in terms of actual program comparisons, I'm not too sure! It seems like Sydney has a lot more classes merged with the med school, which to me is a minus because I'd rather a more personalized curriculum to dentistry. Not sure which one has more clinical practice built into the curriculum. Both seem to have equal rural placements in upper years, and both have a research component. Sydney looks to be PBL which I'm not a fan of tbh since I've had profs try to do that in other courses and it was a disaster imo. SO I'm really stuck. Any insight would be great! I lived in Melbourne for 6 months before and I loved it, and Sydney to me seems to be more businessy when I visited and not as fun of a city. But Melbourne's increased tuition cost and lack of interview are the factors turning me a bit away. Any experiences or insight would be super helpful! Thanks!
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