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  1. Did you get confirmation that they received the updated one?
  2. AvgApplicant

    This Is Insane

    Post the LinkedIn profile
  3. Do you think it's likely that GPA/MCAT will still be the most important factor? Upset because I thought I would have Western guaranteed but I hate the uncertainty now
  4. AvgApplicant

    GPA required to maintain offer?

    Every school in Canada except Quebec
  5. Can any students comment on the GPA that you need to maintain after receiving an acceptance offer? I have a rough year and I expect my grades to dip a little but will definitely still try my best. Just want to know if I need to keep my GPA crazy high still
  6. AvgApplicant

    How do you submit the McGill application?

    Great, thank you!
  7. I've uploaded all the required documents and the application status switched to: Ready for Review. Is that all I need to do or is there a button to submit somewhere?