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  1. Going to put my tinfoil hat on and say the reason they are doing this new requirement is to increase the number of applications. UofT typically recieves 3000 applications for 260 spots which is one of the highest acceptance ratios. I think this a move to make more people apply and to make UofT look like a more competitive school because they are big into the branding of being #1. I have also heard murmurs of the actual UofT class being relatively poor clerks compared to other schools, and think that this would hopefully increase the selection that occurs for their seats.
  2. I think the WL is done, we just got an email congratulating us and thanking us for accepting our offers. They mentioned the class size of 100 so I assume that means all spots are taken. They said they’ll begin handing out registration info for medtech website related to the acceptance process being complete or something
  3. Anyone know if this happened last year with admissions decisions following?
  4. In the acceptance email it says we need to get a Basic Cardiac Life Support certification: "You must complete a recognized Basic Cardiac Life Support course through a recognized provider, e.g. Red Cross. Once complete, please bring documentation of your successful completion to orientation." Can I just do Standard First Aid through the Red Cross or Heart and Stroke? I can't find any courses called BCLS online but maybe I'm missing something
  5. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP 4th year Undergrad GPA: 3.9+ MCAT: 520+ Degree: UofT Sci E.C: Well rounded, I’d say Interview: Very based around personal characteristics. I found I was able to just talk what I felt. Had no need for prep and found that this was very conversational! Will likely decline for ontario schools, for any interested waitlisters!
  6. So even those getting rejected get their verifiers contacted?
  7. OOPer, was notified I had a couple verifiers contacted in the past week
  8. In the past they contacted verifiers even after people were accepted.
  9. https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/8/10/e022883 Interesting article, thoughts?
  10. What areas in research does Ottawa have strengths in, specialty-wise?
  11. OOP, also had references contacted One reference let me know they had been contacted, and I asked another of mine and they mentioned they had not been contacted.
  12. I’ve heard this as well. I think it’s just mainly to test for communication ability and that you’re a normalish person to talk to
  13. Timestamp: March 15th, 2019 2:04pm Interview: April 7 Result: Interview (MD) MCAT: Above cut-offs GPA: 3.9ish ECs: Pretty strong, got EC heavy schools Essays: Really half-assed these, probably why it took me so long to hear back, near the end of the totem pole Year: UG Geography: IP
  14. Honestly, no. You have pretty much a zero chance of getting in with that GPA. Try doing 1 or 2 years of UG coursework for the schools that will accept that
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