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  1. Any chance you could post what you see?
  2. OOP, mine has said the following for a while now, not sure when it changed
  3. AvgApplicant

    Help with Applications

    Also the fact that there is no personal statement for OMSAS lol
  4. AvgApplicant

    Interview dates

    What time was the first interview slot?
  5. AvgApplicant

    Interview Invites date?

    Admissions said that they would send an update email this week and that invites will come out in "mid-December", not this week.
  6. AvgApplicant

    Interview Invites date?

    I think last year they sent the interview notifications around the end of the day so I wouldn't worry about emails until then
  7. AvgApplicant

    Becoming a competitive candidate for EM?

    What sorts of things make you more competitive for EM? Is research really the only thing for CARMS?
  8. How competitive is EM and what sorts of involvements are necessary to match at a program within EM? Very broad question but I'm curious what you all think
  9. Does anyone know how Alberta calculates GPA? Mine seems too high but I don't know their method
  10. Did you get confirmation that they received the updated one?
  11. AvgApplicant

    This Is Insane

    Post the LinkedIn profile