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  1. Are you still on a provisional license? New provisional licensees basically need to be engaged in the provision of full service family practice, so no walk-ins. I'm not sure what happens to those folks who registered in previous years. Typically the job postings for the provisional licensees require you to start your own practice. Locums are harder to find. In the past, I'm guessing locuming in a walk-in clinic was allowed but now they are trying to discourage that. The sponsorship rules weren't readily available when picking provinces which I really think they should be as it would affect a new physician's planning.
  2. In BC, provisional licensees are required to take on new patients and so options for locuming are very limited. You basically have to get lucky that you will like the practice you end up in. Is it like this in other provinces as well? Also, for anyone who went through this process in BC, how long did you keep your practice open? Being a young physician, it's so hard for me to predict what my long-term plans are at this stage and I hate the idea of taking on a panel of patients only to have to leave them after 1 or 2 years.
  3. Low income, lots of expenses, will never be able to afford a house without running myself ragged. I also thought I really liked rain but turns out I’m not a fan after all.
  4. This describes my current life to a T hahaha. I literally also drive a Corrolla! I am considering a move to AB or SK and want to make an informed decision. I unfortunately didn't do a whole lot of research before moving to BC and it hasn't been the greatest experience.
  5. What would you say are the pros and cons of working in each of the respective provinces as a GP: BC, AB and SK? How much do family docs in Alberta and Saskatchewan typically make? I've heard that Calgary is oversaturated with family physicians. How true is this?
  6. I also used the ABFM slides but FM Notes would be the best in my opinion and going through each of the topics and forcing yourself to recall them. Go thru FM Notes at least 3 times. The Self-Learning SAMPs are from the Self-learning modules thru the CFPC. I feel like the actual exam is easier than those modules thankfully though. The apps, Family Medicine Study Guide and SAMP Prep, are also great.
  7. This year's SAMPs were fairly straightforward and fair. Use FM Notes, review old Self-Learning SAMPs, and you'll be fine. The SOO's this year were also fairly straightforward but there's always that anxiety because you never know if you hit all the points you were supposed to.
  8. Anyone do the fall 2018 exam? How did you find it? Thought the SOO’s were very fair but I am freaking out about all the things I forgot to ask. Anyone know how many cases you need to pass to pass the SOO portion? And how many categories within each case do you need to pass to pass the case?
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