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  1. What is the job market in radiation oncology? How does it compare to the job market for medical oncology? From speaking to the residents, I gathered that it is quite difficult to find a job, and you may need several fellowships to get a staff position? Is that true? Can someone expand on this? How does the rad onc job market to medical oncologists?
  2. PB med

    Jot notes down during CASPER?

    I don't think you have time to write notes down. I don't recommend it.
  3. Calgary has the highest average age of med students.
  4. I'm a second year med student at UWO, and I'm considering doing an internal med residency and I've some questions: 1. How competitive is internal medicine? 2. I come from a social work background and I don't have any research work prior to med school, and was wondering how much weight do they put into research? 3. In the next two years, what research work should I be involved in? GIM or research work related to the sub-speciality? 4. What electives should I book? 5. What can I do to make myself a better applicant? Thank you so much!!