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  1. Hey all, I am an engineering grad looking to switch over into medicine. My marks aren't the worst but aren't the greatest either. As such, I am looking to improve my application by either doing research or completing a second undergrad degree. I have completed a course-based masters and did one year of non-degree studies (all of the courses could be used towards a language degree). Ideally I would like to stay in Canada but I am not opposed to going to the US. My long term goal is to become an ophthalmologist. What do you guys think would be the most effective way for my application to be competitive? Should I finish a 2nd undergrad? Do research? Other? My stats are as follows: MCAT: 514 (128/130/128/128) Year1 GPA: 3.7 Year2 GPA: 3.4 Year3 GPA: 3.1 Year4 GPA: 3.6 Course-Based Masters GPA: 3.8 Non-Degree year: 3.9 Clinical Volunteer: ~400 hrs Other Volunteer: ~400 hrs Research: NONE Shadowing: NONE Other: Tonnes of entrepreneurial experiences, learned Spanish, I was part of lots of clubs and sports
  2. So suppose I apply US, I would be considered international or out of state. Would these stats be competitive or still too low ?
  3. UWO is 3.7 in EACH of the calculated years. And as for MCAT, I am confident in a better score the second time around. As I mentioned, I was very sick when I wrote it . I will have more time to study second time around as opposed to 4 weeks
  4. Yes my CARS is 130. My GPA trend by year is roughly: 3.8 , 3.4, 3.1, 3.65. I am finishing up my masters in engineering and will likely have a grad gpa of 3.7ish. Is a second undergrad really the best solution? I was thinking about taking an extra year and killing it because UWO only looks at your 2 best years... it may be risky though to invest that time and only to apply to 1 school.
  5. Hey all, I graduated a few years back with a degree in engineering and spent a bit of time working, travelling and taking masters courses (for an M. Eng degree). Over these past 2 years I have decided to switch careers and go into medicine. Med schools in Canada are terribly competitive and my GPA is not up to par (though no terrible). Even worse, I have a decreasing trend in my GPA due to a poor attitude (who cares about GPA in engineering if you got a good job?) and some sleep problems at the time . My stats are as follows: CGPA: 3.5ish (depends on how the school calculates) MCAT: 514 (128/130/128/128), (willing to retake, I was terribly sick, didn't finish a section and fell asleep...) ECs: -Volunteered in a hospital for 2 years and was able to shadow some doctors -Started a business 5 years ago (still running) which allowed me to pay for school -Was on the executive committee of many student chapters -Was involved in lots of sporting teams - I am also planning on spending 6 months in south america to volunteer & learn Spanish and 6 months in Asia to teach English. What I am looking for is some suggestions on what I should do to be accepted into a medical school. Obviously improving my GPA would help a lot but how would I be able to make a significant dent without having to do something as drastic as a second undergrad? I am also willing to consider American schools assuming I can meet their cut offs for Canadian students. Any thoughts on the most effective route (extra year, research, rewrite MCAT, apply anyways etcs...) ? I appreciate any suggestions!
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