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  1. Each school's application is different, so they each have different due dates. If I recall correctly, apps for McGill, Alberta and UBC are due by November 1st, while pretty much the rest of the school's are due early December.
  2. Hi everyone. I know tuition is costly for dental school, but I'm curious to know how the schools in Canada rank in terms of who's the cheapest and who's the most pricey. I know Toronto, Western and UBC are pretty high up there, but I was recently looking into McGill and noticed how much lower their's is (granted it's in Quebec), and I saw that Alberta's is pretty low in comparison as well. I was just wondering if there's anybody out there that's currently in dental school or has more insight into the school's across Canada and how they compare in terms of fees. I know there's a lot of info on their respective sites, but there's still more I'd like to know. Like, for example, I could only seem to find Toronto's approximate expenses online for their first year, but not the entire program, so it would be nice to know if anyone has insight on their following years. Would also like to know if any of you think that tuition is a good enough reason to pick one school over another (if you're lucky enough to have the option of multiple schools). Just wanna get some other opinions on it
  3. Waitlisted as well, really sucks that they didn't give out the ranking! GPA: 3.9+ DAT: 21AA 20PAT Interview: I felt good about 2/3 stations. Year: 3rd Happy to have gotten this far! Always next year if I don't make it off the list
  4. I went in just being myself and I think that really helped me stay relaxed. The interviewers seemed interested in what I was saying, it felt more like a conversation at times, so hopefully that's good! That being said, this was my first ever MMI, so I'm grateful to have just been given the opportunity. Regardless of what happens, I'm happy I got to go through this process and get the experience
  5. Invite! I was shaking when I got the email lol I honestly thought I had no chance after the November DAT IP 3.97 GPA 20 PAT 20 AA
  6. I can't help but think that there was a malfunction during the marking process aha...Looking at the scale it seems that almost everyone who wrote this test are at a disadvantage compared to everyone who wrote during other sessions.
  7. RC: 20 BIO: 19 CHEM: 22 PAT: 20 TS: 20 AA: 20 Wait guys, does Toronto look at your scores based on the test score scale you wrote it with? Cause I'm happy with how I scored in terms of the scale, but I know people have done much better in previous years. Should I consider retaking in February? Do you guys think this might be enough with a 3.97 GPA?
  8. Bio: Thought it went well. Not sure if someone mentioned this, but wasn't that question regarding learning through rewards/punishment supposed to be operant conditioning, and it wasn't even an option?? It had classical conditioning and the other 3 didn't make sense with the question, so I just ended up picking that one. Chem: Much easier than I thought it'd be. Glad that I bought Crusher last minute cause it was very similar lol, bootcamp's chem tests made me scared for more equations and there were hardly any. PAT: Some of the keyholes messed with me but other than that I thought it was fair. RC: Was the most worried about this one cause I started practicing it around a week before the test. First passage scared the hell out of me, the second and third were easier but I spent way too much time on the first and ended up guessing on like 6 questions from the last passage as a result. Overall I'm glad I bought Bootcamp since it kinda prepared me for the worst, but I probably could've just used Crusher.
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