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  1. nfmp13

    Skype Interview Practice

    I'm interested as well!
  2. Invite! I was shaking when I got the email lol I honestly thought I had no chance after the November DAT IP 3.97 GPA 20 PAT 20 AA
  3. nfmp13

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    I can't help but think that there was a malfunction during the marking process aha...Looking at the scale it seems that almost everyone who wrote this test are at a disadvantage compared to everyone who wrote during other sessions.
  4. nfmp13

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    RC: 20 BIO: 19 CHEM: 22 PAT: 20 TS: 20 AA: 20 Wait guys, does Toronto look at your scores based on the test score scale you wrote it with? Cause I'm happy with how I scored in terms of the scale, but I know people have done much better in previous years. Should I consider retaking in February? Do you guys think this might be enough with a 3.97 GPA?
  5. nfmp13

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Bio: Thought it went well. Not sure if someone mentioned this, but wasn't that question regarding learning through rewards/punishment supposed to be operant conditioning, and it wasn't even an option?? It had classical conditioning and the other 3 didn't make sense with the question, so I just ended up picking that one. Chem: Much easier than I thought it'd be. Glad that I bought Crusher last minute cause it was very similar lol, bootcamp's chem tests made me scared for more equations and there were hardly any. PAT: Some of the keyholes messed with me but other than that I thought it was fair. RC: Was the most worried about this one cause I started practicing it around a week before the test. First passage scared the hell out of me, the second and third were easier but I spent way too much time on the first and ended up guessing on like 6 questions from the last passage as a result. Overall I'm glad I bought Bootcamp since it kinda prepared me for the worst, but I probably could've just used Crusher.