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  1. I think med school acceptances come out mid-May
  2. Accepted GPA: 3.9 AA/PAT: 24/27 Interview: dropped my nerves and just went in with confidence, walked out feeling great!
  3. The dental students at the interview told me the 28th as well.
  4. Rankings weren’t released last year but some people who managed to call admissions were informed that there were 45 people total on the list
  5. Over 200 interviewed, 96 accepted and around 45 waitlisted from last year I believe
  6. Toronto doesn’t ask about ECs. As of this year they do however require a personal statement, where in which you can touch on your ECs if you’d like. Western has an autobiographical sketch, but they only care about stuff you’ve done since you started university though. ECs you’ve only done during high school aren’t applicable.
  7. Definitely shadow for the sake of getting a feel for the career. As for schools, Western does have a section in their autobiographical sketch that asks you to list any dentistry/shadowing experience, but virtually no other Canadian school asks for it.
  8. I’m not sure of a “cut-off” for UofT but I believe that their average applicant has a score of 21 for PAT. Western has a cut-off for RC (19 I think) but I don’t think the same goes for PAT. UofT only looks at PAT and AA, so individual scores don’t really matter. Western however considers all scores, so I don’t see why higher scores wouldn’t have a chance to offset lower ones.
  9. RC: 21 PAT: 27 BIO: 27 CHEM: 24 TS: 25 AA: 24 Good luck moving forward everyone
  10. Science Total: 25 Chem: 24 Bio: 27 Reading: 21 PAT: 27 AA: 24 After last November I felt so defeated. I can't believe this is real right now!!!
  11. Toronto has incorporated quite a bit of new material in their admissions process this cycle that isn't academic related (as in the max-2-page personal statement, greatest accomplishment essay and CASPer test). Do you guys think these will actually play a decent role in admitting students with lower than average GPAs? Or do you think, since this is the first time they're asking for these, that they're just testing the waters with the new requirements and academics is still just as important to them as they always were.
  12. I'm really hoping the test scale isn't similar to Nov 2018. MDT: I think I did alright, definitely not perfect. The one thing I didn't want to do was the notched triangle and of course that ended up being there! Gonna guess a score of 18-19. SNS: I think it was fair. A few questions I was iffy on but overall I felt pretty confident. Science has always been pretty straightforward to me, so I'm gonna guess 20 for bio and 20+ for chem. PAT: Definitely my best section. DATCrusher was amazing in prepping me for this; it was much easier than their practice tests imo. Hopefully I'm not feeling too confident aha. Fingers crossed for 20+. RC: I hate being timed to read. I get nervous and then nothing gets retained. Hopefully I did *decent* enough on this. Last year I guessed on like 5 questions and somehow still got a 20. This year I still guessed on some questions lol, so I'm hoping at least a 19. Good luck everyone and try not to think too much about it
  13. Each school's application is different, so they each have different due dates. If I recall correctly, apps for McGill, Alberta and UBC are due by November 1st, while pretty much the rest of the school's are due early December.
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