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  1. Why are the college in general talking to dean and admissions, can you expand?? I do agree we should wait til maybe Wednesday of next week because with Canada Day many did take week off or wednesday-sunday off @c5555
  2. The things is how do we all talk to the dean? Write him an email and all sign off on it ? I just think hearing and seeing acceptances from people who aren’t top third off waitlist is wrong, them not emailing a new method of Offers is wrong and not returning phone calls or emails 48 hours after is unprofessional. I called back in May and still haven’t got a call back !
  3. I have not but I have thought about it.
  4. Are you accepted, or waitlisted, i heard people got intel a bit saying lectures are online and labs are in person possibly.
  5. I think for a lot of us even getting admitted the memory will have a lot of anger too with all this bullsh** that we've dealt with!
  6. you mean the general email address? because i think Merissa still answers that
  7. All we’ve been doing, all while given no information:( I’m at the point where I expect nothing good from this list.
  8. But last time I called she never answered me but she answered my email. Maybe she took this week off because of Canada day ?!?
  9. I tried leaving her a phone message for her to call me back I didn’t imply what it was for.
  10. i think thats optimistic that it would be pending sending offers, id think they'd send all the offers they can at once so they can fill up or move to the next people fast! Disappointed how this is going, defiantly is putting me off applying again next year and trying again for the DAT possibly when all my efforts have just been shot in the foot the first time. i know this application cycle is different but they've made it unbearable
  11. i just read all of this, im so frustrated!!! i cannot believe WE HAVENT been emailed about anything and 4 people got off the waitlist that are below the top third waitlist. im disgusted that they are doing this to us ! Since the posts were on social media what day did they post them ?!?! Last week or Monday (june 29)?
  12. i know of at least 3 of us who did (emailed), truly confusing times. There is no reasonable excuse that they can give, because they disclosed their selection criteria this year.
  13. I think the college can really do anything they want sadly, and give us "we cant disclose any information" because at the end of the day they're getting paid no matter what and we play their game. We always will. I really hope that something comes forth with this though, because it isn't right. We've been in the dark too long tbh! I never fully believed that 2 months went by and barely any movement IP, but it could happen we don't know all the people that applied, all i know is that the UofS Dentistry Class of 2024 has only 23 members and 1 new member joined last week. All the people that emailed merissa just post on the forum what comes from it, and hopefully it's good news
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