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  1. Anyone have any idea how far Western's OT waitlist usually moves?
  2. Waitlisted for OT at UofA (lower half) and Western (top third)
  3. Thanks! I'm really just hoping to get off of UofA's OT waitlist. Hoping it starts to move now!
  4. No from Toronto and waitlist in upper third for Western.
  5. I've still got absolutely nothing in ORPAS but got emails from UofT and Western
  6. I applied to OT and haven't got any emails about ACORN.
  7. OTapplicant19

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    @OThopefully any idea of how people in the lower half of the waitlist usually fare?
  8. @OThopefully that's interesting that they told you about being in the second quarter! I might have to try and call and see if they'll give me that information. When I emailed before they only said if I was in the top or lower half.
  9. do you know if you're in the upper or lower half of the UofA waitlist?
  10. OTapplicant19

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    Thanks for the update! I was told I'm in the lower half so not feeling very hopeful haha
  11. Thanks for offering your insight! Wondering how you found the anatomy portion of the program? Coming from someone who has zero anatomy background from undergrad.
  12. OTapplicant19

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    I know the email said they don't disclose wait list position, but I looked through the threads on here from last year and it sounds like people went ahead and emailed anyway and were told whether they were in the top half (1-49) or bottom half (50-100). Has anyone done this?
  13. Hi everyone, I received an email today that I'm on the waitlist for UofA OT so just wanted to start a thread so we can see how the waitlist moves! Good luck to everyone!
  14. I applied to UofA for OT! They are my first choice so it's definitely hard to wait this long. It sounds like you have great experience so hopefully you have a good chance!
  15. Nothing on this end. Fingers crossed for other schools!