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  1. Hey everyone, I suppose today was the last day to get an interview at McMaster. Wanted to check-in and see if anyone here had any luck?
  2. Hey, I also received another email stating that I’m waitlisted. Not sure what to make of it
  3. I'm waitlisted as well. I think it'll just be a waiting game since they don't disclose your position on the waitlist. Goodluck! Hope we all get a shot.
  4. Hey received an email from McMaster as well for being waitlisted for an MMI invitation. I emailed back asking if they could disclose what position (i.e. number) I was in for the waitlist, but unfortunately, they aren't able to give you that kind information. McMaster does send out rejections if you're an outlier from their GPA cutoff. So, I guess there is hope! Goodluck!
  5. For those who received an MMI interview from McMaster, did you receive on your email listed on ORPAS or your @mcmaster.ca email? It seems that I am unable to activate or access my @mcmaster.ca email account. Still, haven't heard back! Thank you!
  6. On the same boat, haven't received either. I believe if you don't get one, you might get an email about being put on a waitlist and then depending on if others deny the interview, you can move up in cue. Goodluck!
  7. Hello, I am currently applying to OT school in Ontario for the second time. Currently, working part-time as an OTA/PTA as I completed that diploma last year and taking courses full-time to upgrade marks. However, most classes I am enrolled in are either DE or have lots of students, so it is difficult to appeal to the Professors. I know for the application it is recommended you have at least one academic and one clinical reference, but it seems like I would likely have two clinical references. Does having no academic reference hurt my chances? Thank you!
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