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  1. @sdematt, @ottawaliquid do they give you options as to when you can do basic training?
  2. Thank you @sdematt! How long does BMOQ take? And is it done in one summer or over two? Seeing my dental school timeline, it seems like I am only getting 13 or 14 weeks of summer. I heard bootcamp is 15 weeks.
  3. Hello Futur3, I started an application for DOTP in June of this year. I did my CFAT, TSD, and background check a couple months after and all three came back with positive results. However, the recruiter I talked to on the phone said that I should wait until March 2019 to call back and request to reopen my application as they are not hiring at the moment. Is it normal to be asked to wait until then to further my application? You mentioned that applications are year-round but intake is only in July, so wouldn't it make more sense to have my medical and/or interview scheduled ASAP by the recruiter so I can be considered for the July 2019 selection? Thanks.
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