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  1. Did you already graduate and are taking classes after that? i read that they don’t consider courses taken in order to get a better average if you are delaying your degree in order to do so. is that true? Can anyone confirm that for me? thanks
  2. So do you guys think it matters for very bad marks to be on the transcript, even though it is a mark that’s not one of the most recent 120 credits?
  3. Ahh, okay I do think this clears it up for me a bit more! Thank you guys :) I did send them an email and they did not explain anything further, they simply referred me to the website. The application package is pretty comprehensive but I did need clarification which they did not offer at all lol, so thank you guys again!
  4. Hey guys, I'm a little confused at how averages are calculated. I currently have 140 credits and working on a second degree. Do they take the average from the last 120? I also have some classes where I've failed and retaken. Are both of those marks used in the calculation or just the retaken one? Also I am a part time student, does that matter? Thanks
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