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  1. Hello everyone, I have a couple questions regarding what the class schedule looks like in medical school, particularly in the first 2 years. For example, how many classes does one take per semester? Do you have any flexibility on classes you can take or does everyone take the exact same classes in the first 2 years? Also, do you have flexibility with your time table or does every single class have only one time spot available. Can anyone briefly explain what the class schedule looks like for a typical a medical school in Canada. I'm curious to know but I can't find this information anywhere online!
  2. So in other words you're saying OHIP wants to bend us over hahaha
  3. Can anyone please briefly clarify how they are realigning exactly? I don't think I understand what's going on unfortunately.
  4. I wonder what is more saturated, pharmacy or dentistry? #Questionofthedecade. LOOL
  5. Hello everyone. I am just wondering, is there anyone that you know (or perhaps even yourself) whose primary motivation for pursuing medicine is the pay. On a related note, is there anyone here who started out wanting to go for medicine for financial reasons but now has different motives? Of course financial security is important but what I mean here is that it's the PRIMARY reason. Additionally, why is it that people say going into medicine for the salary isn't worth it? I personally can't think of any other jobs that give you a relatively risk free salary as high as medicine. By "risk free" I mean lawyers, business owners, etc. can just end up not being busy enough since it's in the private sector. Compared to let's say a oncologist in a hospital, the doctor will surely have patients and will surely get a very high salary compared to the general public. Is it untrue to say that medicine has more financial stability compared to other high paying jobs? Please note however, that this is not my motive for pursuing medicine nor is this post a troll of any kind. I just want to have an open discussion about monetary gain as it relates to medicine because it's often not discussed due to the belief that doctors are supposed to be altruistic and not discuss the monetary benefits of medicine. Also, I am not sure if this post belongs in here or the "lounge" section. My apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place.
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