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  1. Hey everyone, so, unfortunately, I did not receive any interviews this application cycle. While disappointed, I am not all that surprised. I thought I had a good chance at western, but times change and ill be back next year. I the mean-time I'm thinking about what i will do to make myself a better applicant and i am open to others opinions. Year: 4th year Bsch Geography: Ontario, SWOMEN year one GPA: 3.34 Year two GPA: 3.45 Year three GPA: 3.84 Year four GPA: 4.00 MCAT #1: 498 MCAT #2: 511 (129, 125, 130, 127) I'm open to many ideas. I've considered a fifth year as that would (hopefully) give me another shot at a strong GPA year. I've also considered that masters would make me a more qualified applicant. I've considered re-writing the MCAT, and i am still open to the idea, however, i don't know how much i could improve my score, i worked very hard for that second score. I've even considered doing a masters in another province to gain residency in that province. If anyone has any insights or words of wisdom that they think would help me, please feel free to offer them.
  2. What do you mean that the calming effect of being SWOMEN is also diminished?
  3. Average Joe

    Anxiety for cut-off gpa

    Hello, I am in the same boat as you OP. I've applied for this current bout of applications. I have one year which meets the GPA cutoff (3.85) -- although one of the semesters from this year was on exchange. I had a WES course-by-course evaluation done and western assured this semester could be used in my GPA calculation. I think I wrote a solid ABS -- talked mainly about activities in southwestern Ontario and London in particular. ECs are also good I think; lots of community involvement and research. I am also SWOMEN and have met the MCAT cutoff. My score was 384 in the first three sections. Do you think I have a fighting chance?
  4. UWO allows students to complete a fifth year.
  5. the file size was not the issue. I did mine on preview on my mac when it should have been done in adobe.
  6. Hello, I was asked to resubmit my ABS and I did meet all of last years cutoffs. Why do you ask?