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  1. Many people have different reasons for going into med or dent. People are free to do what they want. It's not a very nice thing to say like "weed those b*tches out" (Eva88, 2009).
  2. There's really no point in worry about it. It's not like we can change the marks. Let's just focus on our upcoming exams guys. GPA is important DAT... I can retake if I've done bad.
  3. Interesting... Looks like we'll be getting our DAT score soon.
  4. Gotta wait until the Nov 2009 score comes out before I make a decision to re-write or not.
  5. I wouldn't put it in. Maybe you can talk about it during the interview if you really feel the need to?
  6. Just out of curiosity, what is the overhead cost for denturists with their own clinic?
  7. No worries dude I'm sure that the status will change soon. It just takes some time.
  8. I paid for each transcript that I sent in addition to $250.
  9. For UT right? Do we get email from UWO as well (confirming that transcript has been received)?
  10. 5-10 years can make a huge difference if the person doesn't take care of himself.
  11. Thanks I put my life on the line indeed (especially when the other nurses ask me to carry some heavy sh#t for them).
  12. lol From my experience at the hospitals as a nursing student, there have been many catty fights (perhaps a sign of respect? ) between female coworkers. I don't like the gossipy and backstabbing atmosphere or superiority complex atmosphere. I like the equal number of both male and female workers. Too many of one gender ... is not as good as it seems.
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