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  1. I think how much you want it is the real question!
  2. For reference , I had the same mcat score as you (cars 125 though) but gpa above 3.9, ECs probably average and was waitlisted to u of a then accepted a few weeks later. When on the waitlist I was considering re-writing the mcat. If you think you perform consistently well on cars, then perhaps consider a re-write - chem/phys section (your weakest) is arguably the section where extensive practice is most likely to translate to a higher score. I know mcat means time and money, but with a gpa on the low side I think you're going to have go the extra mile with either mcat or ECs to balance it out. however, you did get an interview, so that likely means your ECs were above average, given that your gpa was low and MCAT score was ~ average score for accepted applicants. So If you think you could have performed better on the interview , perhaps an MCAT re-write is unnecessary, and you might just benefit from interview practice next year. but obviously a higher mcat or even better ECs would make getting another interview next year more likely. tough choice good luck!!
  3. I wouldn't park, too expensive! Classes are over by 5 at the latest, but many students stay in the evenings to study or do clubs things, sports, gym, evening mixers, etc. Unless you're planning on staying on campus after 1 am (which theoretically you could as med students have 24 hr access to katz (the med building)) then LRT works fine. The health sciences LRT station also literally attaches to the med buildings so its super convenient. Alot of the LRT stations have residential areas nearby as well. good luck on your hunt
  4. was also accepted this week. thanks for the support friends.
  5. Based on this forum it seems as though they haven't sent out many offers yet, which doesn't make sense with trends of previous years. But I am now thinking that they have sent out a lot of waitlist offers but this forum is just super inactive this cycle
  6. Every year there seems to be one day at end of May when a bunch go out, but it SEEMS like the offers thus far have been random and staggered (which is strange because you'd think it would be confusing on their end to have all these different acceptance deadlines with all these different days they've be sending offers off the waitlist).
  7. In previous years it appears they sent out the first wave of waitlist offers on the deadline day for accepted applicants (which was today). Anyone hear anything today? It seems they've sent out a few scattered offers off the waitlist over the past 2 weeks, I am wondering if they''ll continue like that, or if there will be one day where a bunch go out? Perhaps on Monday? I (and many others probably) am just wondering at what point this summer are the chances of getting off the waitlist low enough that I should start planning my life for next year ... perhaps now??? ... :/ ahhh
  8. Thanks for the info. Congrats on your acceptance - I hope your defer is successful! I'm sure it will be
  9. It's nice they're letting people know if there is a spot for them as soon as they know. How do you know this? Do you know if they send you an email or add a new letter to your documents?
  10. Typo. I mean avg MCAT** score of accepted applicants is 513 - it's changed now
  11. Hi. First of all congrats to those who were accepted. and yes I am jealous So my situation is as follows: I just finished my 4th and final year of university. My GPA is 3.91. MCAT is 513 - this is the avg mcat score for accepted applicants at U of A last year, BUT the real problem here was CARS which was 125. My ECs are mostly good and all are somewhat related to each other - i.e., they are clearly things that I am passionate about and not just a laundry list of random stuff. However, Out of the 12/16 spots for ECs on U of A application (I subtracted 4 for employment) 3/12 could be better - not many hours (25-50), not super related, but not terrible either (i.e., not like donating blood or something like that - I mean that's a great thing but not for a med app - u know what I mean....) So I applied and interviewed at Calgary and U of A. I did not take on any jobs or commitments this summer as I didn't have the heart to screw over any employers just in case I got a yes from calgary and no from U of A (there's more to this story, please don't comment on this, it's too late anyway). So I was rejected from U of C (which I somewhat expected because that I did terrible at that interview and CARS (which Calgary cares about more than U of A does) was bad). I felt the U of A interview went alright. Up to this point I have not had much to do since my last final exam due to reasons outlined above. And I know this is not ideal, but yes, my summer plans were going to be somewhat different depending if I got in or not. And now, as of yesterday, I know I am waitlisted, and have to make some choices, which is especially difficult considering waitlisted applicant don't get application feedback until Sept if they're still on the waitlist. Choice 1 - Re-write MCAT. The only use here would be to improve CARS - every other section was fine. However i) it would mean another summer of studying for that brutal exam (yes, I know this is a reality for many) ii) it would require money to pay for the exam and other related expenses iii) there is no guarantee I will do better the second time iv) the MCAT is likely not worth much on the U of A application grading scale (we know its 10ish% for U of C) BUT it was also my 125 CARS score that made me ineligible to apply to most schools outside Alberta. No, I don't really want to go to a school outside Alberta, because I have family, dogs, here, and I like U of A, but I don't know how I feel about only being left with 2ish school options once again if not accepted off the waitlist when I apply again for next cycle. Choice 2 - Find a new job + do extra curriculars I enjoy = more fun summer where I will make money and interact with people rather than being stuck studying all day. This would improve my EC part of the application which we know is worth more for U of C, and likely worth more at U of A too. BUT as we all know, EC is a largely subjective assessment (unlike MCAT), so there's no guarantee that improving my ECs will result in a better score from future application reviewers. You might say "Do both. Balance studying for MCAT with work or ECs". I did this last summer and it was extremely draining, and not in a "being busy feels good!" sort of way. Also, if I am going to commit to writing the MCAT again (especially considering I do not HAVE to do this), I will do ALL I can to MAKE SURE I am better prepared the second time, which would mean spending way more time studying for it than I did last summer, which would mean negligible time for ECs this time around. I know this is a lot to read and who cares about my situation, I know. But I would really appreciate any of your thoughts or advice. This is largely a very supportive community and it's very helpful to hear from people who have some idea what this whole process is like. thank you for reading friends. I promise to pay it forward
  12. @Butterfly_ thank you for your help and advice, I really appreciate it. Enjoy your long weekend.
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