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  1. That is correct. After my graduation, I moved to Calgary and oil prices dropped crazy. Most petroleum and chemical engineers lost their jobs within a few months of that. Then I moved back to Ontario and I could luckily find a job as a Tester of a medical software package, then I learned more and used the knowledge I had gained by trial-and-error in my teenage time and basically became a software engineer (not a great one though, I don't have the background anyways)...
  2. Hi guys, I am planning to get into a dental school in Canada (most likely UWO). I received my BSc in Chem Eng in 2011 (outside of Canada) and my MSc in Chem Eng in 2014 from Queen's University. I work as a computer engineer now. My best two years undergraduate GPA is 3.75. If I got 22+ in DAT and A grades in prerequisite at UofT (Continuing education) and Ryerson (Chang School), will I have a chance to get an admission, or an interview? Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!
  3. It was so interesting to me to read that comment. I am a Chemical Engineering graduate (Class of BSc 2011/MSc 2014) and working as a CS Engineer. BUT I am planning to get into a dental school possibly in September 2020. People really do wish what they don't possess... BTW, sitting in front of a computer almost the whole day, scrolling up and down in forums to (hopefully) resolve a challenging issue of your product, dealing with nerdy coworkers and managers, and regretting why you haven't studied medical sciences, are all I do at CS, if that's what you wish...
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