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  1. Yes! I believe this is correct.
  2. Airbnbs in Kingston are much cheaper!
  3. Same!!! For English enrollment, do you guys think what I have above is adequate?
  4. My friend did last year a week before the interview!
  5. Yes but do we also get it in the room? i.e. for UBC you the prompt is on the door for your 2 minutes but also on the table in the room in case you need to refer to it
  6. Thanks! Do we get the prompt on the table in the room?
  7. So jealous you guys find out so early
  8. LOL I saw this forum on the side panel and assumed it was med - classic
  9. .. When you find out if you're admitted or not!
  10. I wouldn't advise that (they won't tell you anything). You'll know in May!
  11. Just because I'm paranoid.. - Site preference form - Passport scan - BC health card scan - Proof of English enrollment .. is this adequate: - Reference letters Thanks! P
  12. Hello! Does anyone have an idea of how many MMI stations there are/the MMI timing/the panel timing for Queen's? I'm sure it's somewhere obvious and I've just missed it but thank you!!!
  13. Just guess but it's probably DDMMYYYY! Also, we can't access it until feb 6th right?