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  1. I just received an email as well!
  2. Talk to your prof. I had a few situations in my undergrad where I was just honest with my professor about my situation/goals and took the time to talk to them. Worst case scenario your prof says no - still worth a shot.
  3. I called admissions - they said right now they plan for May 10 but they’ll update us with an email around May 1
  4. Buraries, loans, and grants are all good and fun BUT NONE OF IT MATTERS IF THEY NEVER TELL US IF WE GOT IN #wherethatemailat
  5. I filled everything but the High Performance - but as @DoctorArts said above, I went through and asked myself what each entry added to my app. My app is really EC focused because that's where my app strength is, so I would not say that it is neccessary to fill everything. That being said, don't forget you can include things like your love for photography/writing/fitness/whales whatever - what makes you unique?
  6. Poloma

    May 14 Countdown

    Depends on the school - you can go to their specific forum and see when they've released them the last few years! i.e. Queen's = usually early morning
  7. so ... where is that email at???
  8. Poloma

    Canadian masters programs

    Don't worry! They understand you need to plan for possibly not getting in - life goes on They likely won't even know you accepted it and will definitely not care.
  9. ahahaha - still exciting and deserves a break!
  10. That's so exciting!! Dr. mom Congratulations
  11. It's a tough balance - need to save up because it's very difficult to work during med but also really want some time off to chill/haven't traveled in so long!!
  12. So soon but also not nearly soon enough!!
  13. Would recommend summer online Athabasca ENG 211 and ENG 255!
  14. Does this also count for ENGL requirement? I just completed my English courses so should I not send transcripts from Athabasca unless I get accepted?
  15. It was initially Bernard Bloom but changed over to Michael Brisbois! The 255 exam was easier than expected but 211 was tough and definitely worth taking more time to study for