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  1. Hello 2019 applicants across Canada! I was wonder if anyone would like to make a small group where we set up a google hangout and practice CDA style interview questions? Also if anyone lives in Winnipeg and would like to meet up and practice interview questions let me know. To the more senior people on the forum if you're willing, it would be super helpful if you could post some mock questions. Thanks and good luck everyone
  2. Best thing for people to do would be is email the CDA and/or the schools you are applying with the scoring scale so they are aware of this years DAT scores. It makes no sense that the highest Biology was 20 and PAT 22, so I'd hope the admissions offices will take note if enough applying students email them!!
  3. I am in the same boat as you, compared to other scores I'm relatively happy but this DATs scale is awful.. Seems odd they don't take that test difficulty into consideration and grade it on a curve compared to other writing the same test like the MCAT.
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