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  1. For those of us just planning to write the MCAT, exams dates are being canceled. Those whose exams are cancelled are being asked to reschedule for "later" and depending on how long this goes on, it could push people out of the upcoming application cycle.
  2. Hello, Congratulations to everyone that has received an interview and good luck! I am a student with disabilities considering applying to Western via their Access Pathway. Has anyone here applied on that basis and received an interview or been accepted to Schulich? Thank you all!
  3. Thanks Upendy! I did exactly the same 'research' you did-could be as early as tomorrow starting around 9m EST it would seem... though in the previous years they seem to like to send them out mid week-ish. rather than on a Friday. Anyway, it seems no one has any inside info, so we will remain in suspense til the emails come out!
  4. Has anyone heard when this year's interview invitations will be sent out?
  5. Definitely some surprises in the scoring. Weak score in areas I typically excel in, and have been praised for in letters of reference. Very puzzling.
  6. I can now update this to say I too have called Memorial admissions and they confirm that there are MCAT cut offs of 128/ section for OOP students (who are in fact, then, not treated holistically). They get 400-500 OOP applicants/ year for 6 spots.
  7. Thank for this. Did they share the cut offs for the other MCAT sections with you?
  8. I'm already anticipating I will not get an interview ( too young-21, and only in third year of my undergrad/ first application cycle) but I have a question for all the 'veterans' of the U of C application process: Weak portions of my application would be the science portions of my MCAT ( CARS and Soc/ Psych scores were both was 129) and my research. As usual, this summer I need to work FT, so I am trying to determine whether I spend my non work hours on research, or studying for and re writing the MCAT to up my science grades. I know I really I need to do both, but for the purposes of applying to U of C again in the upcoming cycle, I will only have been able to do one or the other and I'd really appreciate opinions on which U of C would weigh most heavily, MCAT sciences as part of the global assessment of academic merit, or research as past of the testament to scholarship. Thanks to you all and good luck in your interviews!
  9. Anyone thinking of using them, do not- they are terrible! They give bad advice (even contradictory to med school websites) and do not reply in a timely fashion- you have to chase them. If you complain formally, they just don't reply. Now even their website is mostly down-very shady business.
  10. Assuming that the percentage of files closed stays relatively similar YOY, it'd be safe to say that there were about 1610 complete applications this year with about 36% getting interviews and about 370 applications being from OOP. 'Anyone know if U of C also applies their representation of "85% of spots to IP students" to interview spots, and the matriculated incoming class?
  11. -I doubt U of C would post the invitations to interview on Feb 11th or thereabouts, and still hold the interviews at the same time they did last year. That could be a problem for those who have to make travel arrangements, as it would be quite last minute $$ -My application reads "awaiting a decision regarding interviews" and has since last week. Clearly, they are still in the process of evaluating the last few files, as they said is the case on their blog. -Also per the blog, the number of applicants keep increasing, which is undoubtedly why it's taking longer this year. At least they are offering more of us an interview as a result, which is great. I wonder if more schools will do that? I have not heard that's the case. Good luck everyone!
  12. I applied this cycle for U of C; my decision to do so was a bit last minute, once I realized Cumming is only interested in CARS, as the MCAT is concerned. (I am in Nursing, so have not taken Biochem as a whole class, nor Physics, OChem and Chem at the uni level. My plan originally was to finish Nursing and then take the science classes to prep for the whole MCAT.) Given my last minute decision, all I prepared for was CARS, but I wrote the entire MCAT regardless, thinking it would "look bad" only to write CARS. Maybe this was to my detriment, in retrospect? I scored 129 in each CARS and Soc/ Psych, but only 122 and 121 in the science aspects, strictly by answering the ones I thought I knew and guessing on the rest. As far as the selection committee is concerned, should I only have written CARS rather than "winging" the two science portions as well? My GPA is 87.71% and I have done well in all my science classes within my BScN program (Medical Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Anatomy etc) so I hoped they would serve as proof that I can learn science content. Anyone with any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.
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