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  1. Yes you do need to submit it even if you are waitlisted!
  2. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Any news today?
  3. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Maybe yesterday was the day?
  4. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Anyone else hear back today?
  5. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Sorry I mean round 3 of offers but round 2 for offers off the waitlist!
  6. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    I am wondering if offers will now come out on more of a rolling basis or if round 3 was released all today at 1202pm EST
  7. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    I am referring to out of province med schools, not Ontario. For instance, UBC, Calgary, etc. You can accept an offer on OMSAS and still be on a waitlist for an out of province school! Hope that clears it up!
  8. bhaggy

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    I know there are some people who accepted Queen's but are hoping to get an offer off the wailist from other schools! So I seriously doubt the class is 100% confirmed and there probably will be some movement here and there.
  9. bhaggy

    Queens Waitlist 2019

    Not today, but I think round 3 offers will be coming sometime next week.
  10. Does anyone know if any IP students received an offer yesterday from the waitlist?
  11. Mine have not been updated and I sent mine in 2 weeks ago as well!
  12. Are all round 2 offers sent at the same time?
  13. Yup, so if a spot opens up at their first choice, they get priority.
  14. In 2017, I saw that second round offers came in around 4pm but I did not find anything on last year!