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  1. Last year they did. I know there was a wave of rejections on one day and two days later another. However there were a few interviews invitations as well. Take a look at the 2019 thread !
  2. Same I was invited last year and waitlisted but this year rejected.
  3. Last week one of my verfiers were contacted by Ottawa.
  4. phone, has anyone else had their verifiers/references contacted?
  5. This year it was both, this individual was a verifier of one of my ABS entries and was also one of three references. But last year, I had a verifier of one of my other ABS entries contacted by phone as well and last year I did not receive an interview. Just curious to know if every applicant gets 1 verifier/referee contacted and if there is any correlation between getting or not getting an interview?
  6. Today one of my references was contacted by phone. Is this unusual for Ottawa? Last year I had a different reference contacted but no interview so just wondering if all applicants receive reference checks.
  7. What I did differently was re-write my entries, being more specific in what I did for each entry, and providing a detailed breakdown of my hours. I also included hobbies/activities that I enjoy doing and it also helps to show them what you are passionate in. For instance, I volunteer and have done research in a specific area that I have an interest in. Think outside the box for some of your entries and get a few people to read through the application before submitting. This is my 3rd application, first time no interview and second time waitlisted post interview. Unfortunately, this process takes time, patience, and perseverance. Continue with your volunteering, studies, research, work, etc. and if you haven't done so, get involved in something you are truly passionate in, it does not have to be med related! I hope this helps!
  8. Today may be no news, tomorrow may be early invites. That's my guess.
  9. From previous years, regrets come out Monday. Last year on Tuesday it was early invites. Historically, it goes Monday=regrets , Wednesday =early and Thursday =regular. Except last year when early invites were Tuesday and regular on Wednesday.
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