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  1. I see that OMSAS will release the first round offers on May 14th. Does OMSAS usually release their offers before UBC? If so, I am guessing D-day won't be May 10th.
  2. bhaggy

    May 14 Countdown

    How do you know it is May 14th?!
  3. same, good luck everyone !
  4. Were there any rejections today?
  5. Agreed, unless they have not made their final decision and have a few applicants that they are keeping on the waitlist? Not sure how many rejections have been sent in the past few months.
  6. Can anyone confirm that this is it for this week?
  7. Did anyone hear anything today?
  8. I'm guessing thats it for today...
  9. is that it for today? I see that both regrets and invites were sent out today.
  10. So has there been a wave of rejections yet? Or will they be sending out all regrets at the same time?
  11. Could they be going alphabetically or perhaps the time you submitted the application (early or late deadline)? If you don't mind me asking did you apply for the early deadline or are you OOP?