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  1. By email and 1 from employment and several from nonacademics, basically 1 from each category. Has anyone else had their verifiers contacted?
  2. I know atleast 1 of my verifiers has been contacted today. I am also an early applicant!
  3. Score for interview was average. Tfr was 63. Definitely the interview that got me.
  4. Just got the regrets after waitlist email at 925am today, good luck to everyone still on the waitlist!
  5. Not sure what's going on, it would be awesome if someone can confirm any type of movement this week?
  6. Is it alright if I create a new account and start prepping for the 2019/2020 cycle even though I am still waitlisted for this current cycle? I will be using the same user/password, but I just want to confirm that it will not effect/change anything.
  7. They posted on the admissions blog that they are still sending out subsequent offers, did anyone hear back today?
  8. Yes you do need to submit it even if you are waitlisted!
  9. Sorry I mean round 3 of offers but round 2 for offers off the waitlist!
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