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  1. Hey, do you know where I can find the tuition fees for all 4 years of uoft med? For some reason I can only find the 1st year tuition, Thanks =)
  2. same boat! My life and friends are in Vancouver, so fingers crossed for UBC <3 ....though i would be super excited to go to uoft as well!
  3. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 12th, OMSAS updated @ 3am (PST) wGPA/cGPA: ?? no clue (WES undergrad transcripts) MCAT: 507 ECs: Very research heavy - 3 first author paper, multiple conference presentation (poster/oral), research abroad. A lot of volunteering with children and non-profits. Lots of leadership positions in grad school. A lot of creative hobbies (dance, singing etc.). I tired to keep it balanced in all sections. PM if you want more details, I will help as much as I can. Essays: Thought about them for at least 1 month. I got a lot of med student friends and colleagues to read them. Interview: I felt fantastic about 2 stations (I really connected with the interviewers), pretty great about 1 station, and kinda okay for the last one. In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: Finished PhD and currently doing a Post-Doc Geography: OOP I will be declining my offer if i get into UBC!
  4. Dont think that all schools got their results updated on OMSAS yet. Hopefully by 9am
  5. surprisingly haven't had any today... still cant sleep though
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