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  1. Why didnt they send out the early deadline applicants` invitations today? Isnt it weird to start sending all these regrets and no invites? That means that normal deadline applicants wont get any invites until Wednesday (earliest)
  2. @tomatoegg same here! I think my mailing service hates me cz i keep refreshing over and over again
  3. @Neurophiliac but they wont post anything for another couple of hours right ?
  4. 25-27 is not too old to apply. In fact I would argue you will be choosing to pursue this profession with a much more mature mindset. Plus, there are more and more applicants that are in that age range that decide to go for it!
  5. Just woke up, dont think I can go back to sleep now =(
  6. Seriously, if any of us get in, can we try and fix this application system? be a bit more transparent about when invites/regrets are sent out etc....
  7. Also, isnt this system automated by now? Why cant they send out all the invites at the same time?????????????????////////?
  8. What is the need for autobookings? I assume there are enough interview spots for all invitees...Unless some people need to be accommodated for some reason to a specific slot, why do they autobook some interviews?
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