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  1. I GOT IN! Called back this morning and got the big news... this feels like a dream!!! I didn’t think for a second I had a shot as a middle waitlister. Don’t give up hope guys!
  2. Hey guys... I just missed a call from Admissions asking me to phone them back but it’s after office hours now. I’m going to be anxiously waiting for Monday morning to call back now... Can anyone speculate why they may be calling? I am on the middle waitlist so wasn’t expecting it to happen this year and don’t want to get my hopes up over the weekend.
  3. Waitlisted 88 AA/RC/PAT: 22/23/18 ABS/PS: I thought these were ok, but I had no shadowing and my experiences aren’t that recent within the last year since I’ve been graduated Interview: Thought it went well, pretty conversational and relaxed. I think I really messed up a question near the end. ———— Has anyone emailed about their WL position and gotten High WL wording? ie. “People in your position in past years have gotten an offer of admission?”
  4. It was an excellent day! It really made me want to come to Schulich even more. The day was so relaxed. All the first year students were so nice, and I appreciated their efforts to talk to the interviewees! It helped calm my nerves before and after. I also think the tours could have been a *bit* more organized, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! The Sim lab is super cool! I can’t really think of any negatives at the moment, I was really grateful to be invited! Excellent hospitality!
  5. I had an 18 PAT and got an interview, so I assume the cutoff is 18 if there is one for PAT
  6. Hey all, This question might be a bit tedious and overthought... but does anyone have an opinion on certain dates or time slots for your interview at UWO being more preferable? I picked the first time slot on Sunday and now am overthinking if it would’ve been advantageous in any way to interview on Sat. Any insight from those who have interviewed there before?
  7. Invite!!! OOP UWO Average: 88.7 best 2 years DAT AA/RC/PAT (Nov 18): 22/23/18 ABS/PS: Felt ok but not great. I graduated from my undergrad a few years ago and have been working since. Lots of varied volunteering, leadership, teamwork. Little bit of research. No shadowing.
  8. Reject IP AA 22 PAT 19 GPA 3.7/4.3 Knew it was a long shot with my GPA!
  9. Similar boat as well... Best two years is a 4.01/4.33 scale DAT: RC 23/ AA 22/ PAT 18 ABS: loads of work experience, average volunteering with university clubs, sports teams, hospitals, peer counseling and child mentoring. I have a bit of research (a year of undergrad honors project and a year of paid research) but no publications. I also have zero shadowing experience which I think will hurt me the most. I’m also OOP which doesn’t hurt me apparently but years past there’s usually only 1-3 students form my province admitted to UWO.
  10. They’re all coming out now guys, I just got my transcript by logging in a couple times. I was really disappointed with my results until I looked at the scale. I got lower scores in half the subjects than my previous attempt, but my percentiles were all much higher than February 2018. Yay standardized tests..... Biology is especially bad, the best score in the country was a 20. I wonder if schools take the scale into consideration.
  11. Hey all! Just wondering if other UBC applicants were still waiting for casper to show up on their checklist? Is this normal based on last year? I wrote it back in September and am starting to get a little nervous. Thanks!
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