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  1. Hey! I was looking into ways to fund dental school in the states & I was just wondering if anyone knew what banks give out the best LOC's for students planning to go to the states? I'm an Ontario resident & I'm with RBC. However, RBC would only give you 150K to go the states.... lool Thank you!
  2. Wow thank you! Yeah I agree, especially if my GPA is increasing every year I should have a good chance, especially since I'm applying everywhere. Where did you see that CIBC gives out 500k? I tried looking on their website but I did not find it.
  3. Yeah that's true... but my problem is, since my first year GPA was too slow to switch my program, I had to take an extra year (during second year), to redo some pre-reqs and take some easy ass electives to boost my GPA to switch programs, Idk how that will affect me though, or how schools will see that and what they would think of me..
  4. My parents have money but no way can we afford to drop 500K on tuition without taking out loans, my initial goal was go to the states, get my degree, come back and open a practice, until I found out how ridiculously expensive tuition is there.. plus what bank is gonna give me a loan to open a practice when I'm already 500k in debt LOL
  5. Tbh I was planning on applying to over 25 different schools (mostly private) after my 3rd year of University studies. & tbh, the reason I want to go to the US is because I want to get accepted as quick as possible. Like if after my 3rd year I have a 3.5 GPA and a good DAT score, with my extras I guess I have a decent chance. Honestly, I don't think my GPA is good enough for Canada. Although I just had a really bad first year, I think it would be extremely competitive and difficult to get in anywhere in Canada. (I'm an Ontario resident so my best bet is either uoft or Western, both of which are really competitive and require 90+ marks). I don't know if it would be worth it to stick around and complete my undergrad here and apply. Due to my terrible first year, I am taking an extra year now to redo some courses and take some easy electives to switch into another major. So overall, I won't finish my undergrad for 4 more years. I just want to get in to dental as quick as possible but I don't know if going to the States is worth the extra 2 years I'd save
  6. Hello, I am a Canadian student planning to apply to the US. I have around a 3.5 GPA, taking my DAT next November so hoping to get at least 20+, and I have extensive amount of extracurriculars and shadowing experience. Honestly, my extras are amazing. I started 2 university clubs catering towards the healthcare field, I am on the pre-dental committee, I started an organization that connects young entrepreneurs to attract mentorship opportunities in my community, I have been working as a pharmacy technician for 3 years, and I have around 500+ shadowing hours at 2 dentists and an orthodontist. Overall, My extracurriculars are really strong. (Pm if you want the full list), my GPA would be around a 3.5 at the time of admission, and hoping my DAT score would be around a 20+. That being said, what are my chances of getting into an American dental school? Considering I would be an international student and my GPA isn't as high as most international students, can my extracurriculars, personal statement, and letter of recommendations potentially make up for that? Also, The reason for my low GPA is only due to my first year of university studies. All my other years have been an A average or above. (3.85+) . Would they also take that into account? I would appreciate all your thoughts and opinions!
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