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  1. Is it better to take Biol 2070 in summer or is it doable in fall? Can someone tell me tips for studying it and writing good lab reports? Thanks in advance.
  2. It would be really great to write about the courses you took. I thought of taking it in summer ,but I am kinda worried I won't find space when I enrol in it given that many students enrol.
  3. Did someone take before organic chem 1 with biol 2070 in the same semester? If someone did, how did you manage 3 labs in the same week? And how hard was biol 2070? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah the midterms had new ideas ,and each midterm had something challenging that wasn’t covered. The marking was also bad. They deducted marks on many questions in which I wrote the whole steps and even got the answer right just because I didn’t write the rule which is already apparent that I used in my steps. I am afraid how his final will be.
  5. Actually this semester there is just one section. The professor is Hempstead. I will try my best to practice as much as I could.
  6. I am having chem 1000 final exam soon. I was wondering how is the final exam difficulty compared to the midterms. They post the review packages ,but the ones they posted before midterms weren’t enough for practicing. I try answering the textbook problems. If anyone took this course before, could they tell me how was the final exam? How can I prepare well for it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Oh okay Thank you so much!
  8. Thank you so much for your advice. Is there a particular good professor for EECS or it won’t matter? Do you mind telling me who was your prof?
  9. The only thing in these courses that I am worried about is organic chem because I didn’t take it before. And also for EECS 1520, how should I study for it? From the textbook, or do they post slides and tests to practice? and thank you for replying
  10. I am planning to take BIOL 2020 , BIOL 2040, organic chem 1 , and one of the EECS 1520,1530, or 1540 next fall. How hard is it to take BIOL 2020, 2040 ,and organic chem in the same semester? Most probably I will take EECS 1520, can someone recommend professors for these courses and how are they in terms of tests and grades distribution and tips for studying them? Thanks in advance
  11. Actually, I am Biology major,but I guess Psyc 1010 counts as one of the science breadth courses for me. Thank you. I heard that Chem 1000 is hard. I am really worried. I haven’t studied chemistry for a long time, so that may be a concern. What can I do to be on the safe side when I take the course? I got other questions too: How well can I also prepare for Econ 1000 - Biol 1000-Psyc 1010
  12. That really helps.Thank you. Right now every time I try enrolling into Psychology -it states that class is reserved and I couldn’t add the course. What can I do about that?
  13. I wanted to ask how is the Introduction to psychology course for someone who hasn’t taken psychology before in high school?
  14. Okay thank you so much. I wanted to ask is there any difference between starting in September and January? If I started in winter, would this be a concern later when applying to med school?
  15. Hey guys, I will join York university in the winter(Biology). I really need help in course selection. I have some questions:1.Will I encounter a problem later on while applying to med schools because I have started in winter because it won’t be considered a full time year? It may be a silly question but I want to doublecheck. 2.If I took for example BIO 1000, then should I take also BIO 1001 later because each of those has 3 credits? Do med schools want more credits in biology? Same for CHEM 1000/1001and other courses as well. 3.Will I be able to take Computer starting from winter or is it a full year course? Thanks in advance, Help would really be appreciated -I am totally lost because I am a transfer student from a university outside Canada,so I am not familiar with universities here and med school requirements.