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  1. Result: Accepted to UTSG! Timestamp: May 14 @ 9:17 am GPA: 3.99 MCAT: 125+ in all sections ECs: Above average. Many years of research (3 first author pubs), student gov, volunteering, lifeguarding, teaching, and other managerial/leadership experiences. Many awards and scholarships! Essays: Spent a whole month on them and had 6 people read them over. Interview: My favorite interview! Felt above average in all 4 stations. Connected with 3 of my interviewers and had friendly conversations with them. Definitely Showed my personality! My immediate reaction was good but over the next 6 weeks, I convinced myself I was not going to get in (well thank goodness I was wrong ). Year: Finished MSc Geography: IP This is my 5th time applying, so May 14th was definitely my favorite day EVER! The interview used to be my weakness in the past, but I feel like over the years, my experiences have helped me to improve my communication skills and become more mature. Showing my experiences and personality was the key to getting in this year! If you were rejected this year and/or in the past, my advice is DO NOT GIVE UP; learn from your weaknesses and improve (I know easier said than done)! Persistence goes a long way in medicine! If you would like tips, feel free to DM me (trust me I know looooots about different types of med school apps and interviews ). Will be accepting my offer (UofT has always been my dream school)! Can't wait to get to meet my classmates!
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