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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone had tips in regards to finding verifies for activities (volunteer etc) done many years ago. Thanks!
  2. I have been checking everyday since June 15 :(. I hope it opens sooner than later.. getting anxious to start my application.
  3. My interview is for Sunday May 5th and I received an invite today. Also I am IP and my gpa is around 80%. If that helps!
  4. Which US schools are you thinking about applying for?
  5. Thanks so much everyone for your advice and tips that I did not consider before! Definitely have given me a lot to think about
  6. Good point! I have 179 credits in total a Msc would be an additional 30 credits at min..
  7. I have completed my BSc. My first couple of years after highschool I jumped around different programs (HR, accounting, then finally to Bio) which is haunting my GPA (lol). I thought Masters courses counted towards GPA calculations? I could be wrong.
  8. Hello I applied to med school this year for the first time and was rejected pre interview from UBC. My GPA is really low (80) so I was not surprised. I am debating whether it would be better to take the time to begin another Bachelors or apply for my Masters to help raise my grades. I am non-traditional (28y/o), lots of research experience, typical volunteer stuff .. Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  9. This is my first time applying and I got a regret my TFR was 35 (AQ 79=~13 and NAQ 22) so super low !! Are you in medicine now? Looking for motivation to keep going at the moment haha .
  10. Regrets . Glad to know finally though. Good luck everyone!
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