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  1. Hey! I was wondering if anyone attending McMaster is looking for a roommate. I'm ideally looking for someone or a small group of people who want to live walking distance to campus with a lease starting the beginning of September. Message me if interest in looking for a place together :).
  2. Hey, I'm definitely interested to hear more details! Sent you a message
  3. If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. I was rejected last year so I know how it feels. If you feel this is your calling apply again next year. Use the rejection as motivation and don't let not getting in this year define you. You are an amazing human and don't think you are any less worthy because of this little road block. All people in my opinion with greatest success stories are those who were rejected, told they weren't good enough or failed at something but they viewed it as just another obstacle to over come. I'm sending you positive vibes and encouragement that you will succeed in whatever avenues life has you journey down. ♡♡♡
  4. I've been accepted to Mac, UofT (Mississauga Campus) and Western for OT. I am still waiting to hear back from Queens but I am expecting a rejection due to a low cumulative GPA. I will most likely be accepting Mac's offer (hopefully this helps those on the UofT and Western waitlists). For reference, I am OOP, SubGPA 3.88. All offers were on ORPAS at midnight and emails followed about 30 minutes later.
  5. While this is a very exciting day for many this can be a devastating day for others. For that reason, I am leaving the number for Crisis Services Canada - 1-833.456.4566. Wishing everyone the best when receiving today's news. ♥
  6. Last year when I was rejected they sent me a rejection email so there's still hope if you are yet to get an email!
  7. Hi Everyone, I am currently deciding if I should even try applying to OT this year. My current subGPA is 3.82 and cGPA is 3.44. I am unsure if this is even competitive after seeing the GPA's of other applicants. Due to my poor cGPA, I am only applying to schools which look at SubGPA. I don't have any experience directly working with an OT, but I am currently working in the addiction and rehabilitation sector. I have experience being involved on my school campus, volunteering in the community but once again it isn't directly related to OT. I'm just currently doubting myself that I even have a chance. The school I want to get into is McMaster, and last year the interview cut off was 3.77 (which I am above), but it seems every year the number increases, so I doubt I even have a chance. Any opinions?
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