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  1. LOL at this. I too had a weird, years long, health thing and I LITERALLY SUBMITTED LIKE 60000+ hours on my application!!!! Hahahahahaha, so ridiculous now that I think about it! Anyway, I agree - just explain away the hours in the description box and you're probably fine, they accepted me so there's at least one success story.
  2. *Activating adrenal cortex...* All systems stressed. Sending huge love to everyone reading this and waiting for a verdict tomorrow. You worked hard for this regardless of the result.
  3. Congratulations!!! Ahhh! That's fantastic! :D:D If UBC offers, where do you think you'll go? (3 vs. 4 year???)
  4. Ugh that must have been tough.. I'm planning to go off by myself and open the email like an animal retreating into the woods to die alone. Also - I hope we all get in, but you especially. Your tenacity is truly inspiring in this death-like process.
  5. Emphasis on the crudeness of that survey, plus there were a bunch of different reported timestamps as you can see so I dunnnno!
  6. A while ago I compiled this list after sifting through the pinned thread for UBC.. (No guarantee on accuracy, obs citizen science ain't perfect)
  7. My $0.02, yes and no. Courses after June 2018 aren't considered until after the offers are out the next year but they'll still see you're enrolled in a post-grad program which is worth something. Mind you any of those 16 courses that you've completed by June 2018 do count toward the GPA calculation, obviously unlike a 4th year applicant's would. While they don't specify how graduate degrees contribute to the evaluation (e.g. McMaster does), I imagine it only helps one's cause - just to what degree (hey-o!) is unknown. Best of luck this week!
  8. It's crazy to me how the time has proceeded both painfully slow and blisteringly fast. We were just talking about 2 months to go! It's becoming all I can think about most of the day and I'm beginning to have vivid dreams about the 10th. Alas, soldier on my friends! Hopefully soon we'll have all sorts of new things to worry about, leaving this premed world behind.
  9. I'd +1 absolutely everything @ATG4B said, ^^ this especially. Unlike what I understand about AMCAS, there's no required hours of shadowing which is both great not to shoehorn people into activities but also funny since you could theoretically get accepted without having ever set foot in a hospital or clinic or other area where you'll spending so many years of your life. Granted I still think it's better since their assessment process will still produce good, hard working physician candidates at the end of the day without making anyone do any kind of forced labour. On a larger note, definitely let your application represent who you are. I remember switching years ago from the conventional pre-med activity circuit to focusing on endeavors in which I truly believed and got a lot out of - that made all the difference for my own satisfaction as well as for animating my application. Depending on where you are in your degree, research and hospital stuff could be helpful for your own interest; medicine has obviously been built on centuries of science so having an appreciation for that could be really meaningful. Med programs accept all manner of folk from all sorts of background experiences so don't preclude yourself for not fitting a certain mold. Your horsey-ness could be a real asset.
  10. YES! I totally think this would be a great way to find out.. running to the mailbox everyday those couple weeks, judging the thickness of the envelope for an inclination, ripping open the letter and of course the tear stains (good or bad?!).
  11. Curious if anyone has a D-day "plan" for receiving results? I'm partial to turning off notifications so that finding out is on my terms, though there's something fun to me about having your stomach drop with every phantom vibration throughout the day & staving off the subsequent diarrhea. Do you do it alone? Gather your friends and family like Clark Griswold?
  12. We should get a pool going.. who has bookie experience?
  13. Just digging through the archived emails from last year, the first mention of an offer date came in the April 12th, 2018 email, so whooo knows! Granted the pre-interview email came relatively late this cycle didn't it. Hope everyone's hanging in there - the wait is coming to a close(ish)! Also, LOVE the countdown clock!
  14. I remember back in first year there was a girl in a bunch of my classes with this quiet, glamorous confidence. All I could do is joke with my friend about asking her out until one day he said, "...What if she said yes?" I didn't and she got married to some other guy. Let's hope May brings a different turn of events!
  15. Yeah sorry about that it was late. Mine currently says what @Neurophiliac captured, but my previous year's application (like where you go back and see your scores and stuff from last cycle) just says: Obviously it's a throw away observation but that where I am right now.
  16. Alright I've got a couple things I'm thinking about.. 1. Under the application status section it says "You've been invited for interview. Schedules interview etc.." My status from 17-18 reads "You were interviewed" (paraphrased). Hahaha talk about obsessing over the details but I wonder if that changes after the results are out? Also... 2. Do you all remember the writing station?! Ha! For some reason I've barely thought about it/rehashed what I wrote until just now. I only vaguely remember what the topic was and I remember my hand hurting a lot. Wonder what the adcom really makes of all those essays. Cheers. It's beautiful sitting in solidarity with you all. <3
  17. Hey congrats on the interview! I have 2 cents to give but as always, take the prescribed grains of salt. Sounds like a tough decision. I too think a rewrite would be a good thing though I wonder about the feasibility of getting a reasonable exam date near enough you if you wait to book come May. The gold deadline's only like a month out from your exam date so at worst, if you book now and you get in, you'd be out a couple hundred dollars in exchange for a fancy backpack! Reason I'm a little less confident than Neurophiliac about the date is my own timeline last year - I waited for the regrets in May and the closest exam centre with a spot on the date I wanted was past Seattle.. not a huge deal but be aware that you might have to be 'flexible' - apparently there's a variety of experiences. I definitely second drafting a schedule early so you can hop on the prep early if May isn't ideal. Cheers & best of luck!
  18. Woohoo!? Updated today too.. good job, buddy in the basement of LSC!
  19. @Neurophiliac are you sure you aren't supposed to be in law or a detective or something? I know speculating is truly fruitless but it sure scratches an itch wrestling through ideas together. Ahh UBC, how you vex us so. It's almost Spring folks, May the odds be ever in your favour.
  20. Totally agree. I go back and read my old pre-interview rejection apps and they're cringey scientific-report style at best. I think the impetus from the help guide is to be as "objective" as possible when writing the description but there are so many anecdotal stories (my own included) where really selling your part in an activity can make a huge difference in scoring. One of my mentors admonished me saying that if I didn't sell myself as much as possible, I would stand out from the crowd (not in a good way), since everyone is doing it. I hear the dissenting opinions and I get it - I think the point is that there's a line between embellishing an activity and being 2 dimensional about it.
  21. Ahh I've been mulling over all kinds of theories and what ifs too! Same.. I thought oh maybe they start from the bottom and work upwards, but that's clearly just to make myself feel better. What if it's like a random number generator they use to work through all 6XX interviewees? One might hope they apply some level of protection against bias when assessing references. Am I wrong or are the refs the only thing left to be "scored" since everything else is quantifiable in itself? Gosh the longer I think about it, the more I'd love to gaze into the blackbox even for just a moment. Wonder if we could have a tell-all from a former committee member who defected and fled to Iceland or something.
  22. +1. I'm checking everyday - any evidence that they haven't forgotten about me is fine with me. I don't know which 3 month waiting period is worse - for the interview or for the offer. Hmm!
  23. Yeah just to reiterate the point about MCAT score distribution for matriculants - there's obviously an undisclosed range within the 288. There are plenty of anecdotes about people getting in with "poorer" scores (buddy of mine this last year with 507), just as there could be some 528s in the entering class (fricken kids these days). I'm a fan of @Neurophiliac's attitude to just about everything - you can't know until you know so why not be positive and try it out. I will just point out Table 8 on last year's stats (https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2018/10/MED-2022-Admissions-Statistics.pdf) that your gpa is in a higher bracket than where the bulk of the refused OOPs landed. Food for thought - along with how much grey rainy sky can you handle?
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