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  1. Did anyone have an experience in the panel where they felt like the interviewers were being rather hostile, cutting you off half way through your answers, etc.? Based on the questions I got, I was really unsure of what they were trying to evaluate.
  2. I think they corrected the date for signing up for your interview in the second one.
  3. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 9:20 AM Interview Date: still deciding wGPA: 3.95 Year: 4th yeah undergrad MCAT: 125/128/128/128 (509) ECs: Diverse, research heavy with 4 publications, lots of leadership ECs also. I think I had some pretty good LOR. Geography: IP Good luck to everybody else, I really didn’t think I had a chance at Queens with my 125 on the MCAT!
  4. Timestamp: 9:41 am Interview: Yes GPA: 3.95 for NOSM’s calculation Context: Grew up in Northern Ontario, university in Southern Ontario  EC: Research heavy with NSERC, invited presentations, and publications. Multiple leadership positions, but I also included personal interests, a few prominent awards, and some important formative employment opportunities in the ABS. Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 0  Interview Location/Date: March 24th in Sudbury
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering what the individual section cut-offs have been for the MCAT in the past. I know this is not entirely known, and I have browsed the interview invite feeds, but if one has a good GPA (3.99), would you still get screened out with a 509 (125/128/128/128)? Thanks for the help!